Thank you for your interest to collaborate with Smiling Socks

We want people to be happy and we want to help them enjoy the little things in life. A smile is a little thing but it can bring people closer: a smile on someone’s face, a smile on someone’s feet.

With smiling socks we want to provide people with an easy and stylish way to feel good and make others feel good too. Happiness is precious, and it can be as simple as a smile.

What's in store for you?

  • ✅ Free set of socks
  • ✅ Exposure across all our social media channels
  • ✅ Special discount code that you can share with your followers
  • ✅ Affiliate link that lets you earn 10% commission for every sale you send our way.
  • ✅ Exciting offers and campaigns to our affiliated influencers

What we require?

  • • Feed post, either reel or carousel showing you wearing our socks while doing an activity you love!
  • • Or more IG story videos of unboxing, product try-ons or reviews
  • • Tag and mention of our brand in your posts

With hashtags:

#smilingsocks #spreadsmileswhereveryougo #itsinthelittlethings

Need some inspirations? (SWIPE)

Ready to get on board?

Send us a message with your address, e-mail address and which socks you would like to receive! Click on this link to create your own affiliate account

Have other suggestions in mind?

We are open for ideas and welcome your creativity, please send us an e-mail at if you have a winning collaboration proposal in mind!