Our Vision

Making the world a happier place, one smile at a time

Our Mission

We want people to be happy and we want to help them enjoy the little things in life. A smile is a little thing but it can bring people closer: a smile on someone’s face, a smile on someone’s feet.

With smiling socks we want to provide people with an easy and stylish way to feel good and make others feel good too. Happiness is precious, and it can be as simple as a smile

Our Values


We want you to wear a smile, simply. This is why we keep it simple: many different colours, a little detail, a lot of happiness. You can easily match our Smiling Socks® with different outfits - and different moods.


We care for you and we use first quality cotton in order to make your feet feel great too. This allows you to wear your Smiling Socks® whenever and wherever you want: at home, at school, at work, at the gym. Yes,they’re anti-sweat too


Your feet won’t sweat and your socks won’t slip: what’s better? They’re a one size fits all, thanks to a touch of elastane. And if you don’t feel like sharing that smiley face with the world, you can opt for the longer version.


Smiling to a stranger is an act of kindness, and being on time too: we send you the socks to make your feet smile and we send them to you with a fast delivery. If any problem arises, our dedicated customer service will solve it for you. Our customers are our strength and we love to point it out: you’llalways find a thank you card in our colorful boxes.


We want to be happy and we want others to be happy too. We want to help you feel better and help you make others feel better too. We choose to do it through our Smiling Socks®, a little cheerful detail in your day, a little smiling face that other people can see while walking down the street. We believe in an united world and this s our way of contributing.

a small detail can make a big difference. If you embrace and respect the little things in life, you will have a much happier life.

Spread happiness every day, choose Smiling Socks®! Those cute smileys above the rim of your shoes will put a smile on the face of others. How cool is that?

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Did you know?We are a Registered Trademark®

Smiling Socks®’ project was born in an attic. But now we are an officially registered trademark: we are proud of that! We keep growing and improving our services and have managed to reduce international shipping times to 1-4 business days

Smiling Socks ® is a sock company born from the idea of bringing happiness to everyday life. We believe that happiness is in the little things, such as super cool socks and sneaker socks that are able to cheer you up as soon as you wear them! Test the power of our funny socks for yourself: buy crazy socks from our assortment, wear them everyday and begin your day with a smile. Your happy face socks will also cheer up everyone around you!