World Emoji Day: do you really know what emojis mean?

Have you ever paid close attention to the calendar emoji, 📅 , on your phone? If you did, you've noticed that it specifically shows July the 17th, and that's when we celebrate World Emoji Day!

Rumors on the internet say it coincides with iCal's birth day during the MacWorld 2002 premier, but one thing's for sure - this date represents more than just an emoji. There's 3,521 of them!

Emojis have become a source of joy. And they appeal not only to young people, but to adults as well. In the United Kingdom, a study suggests that 80% of grown-ups use emojis in text messages. Are these visual symbols a new form of language we can use to relate with each other more? This World Emoji Day, let's learn what they mean!

What do emojis mean?

Think of every emoji as a word, and for every unit there's an underlying meaning. That's how diverse emojis are. Gone are the days when they were plain smileys limited to sobbing and laughing. Today, you may express what you feel, or know what others feel, with a single icon! 

The Science behind emojis 

There’s actually a science behind the use of emojis, so don’t feel bad if you’re into them a lot. A study suggests that when you look at a digital smiley face, there’s a small part in your brain that activates the same way as when you see a smiling human face. For sure, emojis communicate powerfully even without words.

If you know Smiling Socks you know that happiness is part of our vision and we believe that happiness is in the little things, so we can't help but be big fans of emojis and their "feel good philosophy"!

The #trending emojis

There are thousands of emojis out there, especially on social media. Based on emojitracker, the top emojis on Twitter are:

What do emoji faces mean?

This results shuffle every year, but the top ones are kinda always the same, so we'll learn what the top emojis really mean this World Emoji Day!

What do the heart emojis mean?

Let’s start with the pink pulsing heart emoji 💓. According to Emojimedia, this beating emoticon is often in pink or red on most platforms (Twitter, WhatsApp, Facebook, etc.) and represents either life or love.  

There’s so many different variations of heart emojis that you can actually use. There’s a Smiling Face with Hearts 🥰, a Smiling Face with Heart-eyes 😍, a Smiling Cat with Heart-Eyes 😻, a Couple with a Heart 💑 (plus couples of man-man 👨‍❤️‍👨, woman-woman 👩‍❤️‍👩), Heart in different colors like blue 💙 and red ❤️ being the most popular ones, and Hearts 💕, among others.

What do the face emojis really mean?
What do the face emojis really mean?

How about we dissect the true meaning of our favorite face emojis? You want some tips on when you can use them? Dig in!

  • 😂 - When your crush says something hilarious, you laugh so hard you’re crying
  • 😱 - When you’re texting your brother because you want him to spray that cockroach away, here’s a “screaming in fear” emoji to express how you feel
  • 😪  - When you’ve had a tough week or you are little weary, you just want to sleep and drool on your pillow
  • 😶 - It’s a face without mouth so either you’re speechless, intentionally saying “no comment,” or you’re actually judging your friend.
  • 😲 - When you find your favorite Smiling Socks that’s been missing for days!

Emojis gone wrong

Whether you’re using your phone, iPad or laptop, you can use an emoji or two in the messaging apps you install in your device. Many of us, however, aren’t as emoji-savvy as most millennials, who can talk in emojis even without text. Here are probably some of the most misleading emojis that ever circulated on the internet!

Hushed Face

😯 Surprised? Nope. Don’t be fooled with the raised eyebrows. It’s meant to actually show quietness. 

Folded hands
🙏 Yes, we’re all guilty of having used this emoji to mean that we are praying. Emojipedia defines this, however, as “two hands placed firmly together, meaning “please” or “thank you” in Japanese culture. It’s also rarely used to show a “high five.”

Victory hand
✌️ It can have a number of meanings: 1) you want two of something, or 2) you’re celebrating with your friend and want to give them the peace sign. Note that the reverse symbol is offensive in British culture much like you’re giving a middle finger, so just be a little careful!

Person tipping hand
💁 What’s your first guess? A sassy girl, right? But, no! This emoji is originally called “Information Desk Person” because it shows a person as if carrying a tray of drinks or tipping their hand. It’s often misused to indicate a lady flipping her hair or making a sassy remark.

Raised hand
This one easily gets lost in translation. Some use it to say “talk to the hand.” Others say it means “stop” or an offer to high five.

Can you read your emojis?

People celebrate 🌏 Emoji Day differently. Are you holding a 🎉 to enjoy some 🥂? Or are you going to watch 📺 and just 😴 in? Don’t forget to have some quality 💑 ⏲️ with your loved ones.

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Go ahead. Send some (virtual)
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