Why getting outside is important for your mental health (even when it’s cold!)

Have you ever tried walking outside and felt relieved and relaxed after? That’s nature 🍃 calming your nerves and telling you that strolling is good for you. But, should you include it in your routine despite the cold weather? 🤔

Spending time outside, despite the pandemic, is one of the most effective ways to take some mental breaks. Ever since we’ve been locked down in our 🏠.. It has never been the same. The threat continues to scare everyone, but the world is catching up with what it has left behind in 2019 and reconnecting with the environment is just right. 🌎

An environmental psychologist and well-being consultant, Lee Chambers, emphasizes the benefit of stimulating our senses when we spend time outdoors, and the role it plays in connecting us with something that’s bigger than ourselves. And so making time ⏲️  for this activity is beneficial for the body. But, should you still do it at this time of the year? ❄️


Is it important to go outside everyday? 

If you haven’t plotted daily walks in your schedule 📅, it’s never too late to start (and to start the week on the right foot!). Since we’ve established that this physical activity isn’t related to seasons, incorporating it into your exercise routine is a way to start. It’s economical and useful. It doesn’t require a lot: a companion to keep you going, if you want. But, how do you exactly benefit from walking outside? 🚶

Reasons why going outside is good for you

Here are some of the reasons why you should get your daily dose of walking!

Stress reliever

Walking outside may be the stress reliever you need from work or school. 💆  Daily errands can be challenging. They may take a toll on your health as you get overwhelmed. So, lower your stress hormone, cortisol, and spend more time with nature. Look at the surroundings 🌱 and breathe in fresh air!

Immunity booster

When you recluse inside your home, you affect your immune health. It is because your system wants some challenges once in a while. Thus, strengthen 💪 your guard through daily walks. There’s a study in Japan 🇯🇵 supporting the increase in white blood cells in a group of adults after a stroll in the forrest. The said elevation is vital in your immunity. So, keep walking if you want to boost the immune system.

Sharper focus

Constant interaction to natural environments refine attention. A research from 2009 discovered it via a study conducted on children diagnosed with attention deficits. Kids who walked to the park 🚶 20 minutes daily boost their focus, and the same is also true for adults who have problems concentrating.

Healthy Diet

People who want to lose weight don’t have to take it hard the first time for they can always begin with walking. This kind of exercise, when coupled with some 🏃‍♀️ running, would go a long way. Incorporating it with nutrition helps achieve the goals you have for your body and physique.

Mind Calming

Depression and anxiety are common health problems that shouldn’t be ignored. They became more alarming, especially today in the midst of COVID 19. Calming the mind, and coping with the struggles around, may happen by taking one step at a time. 👣 Walk and achieve that calm and peace that your mind needs once in a while.

Take advantage of the benefits of being in nature even during the cold weather
walk for your health

Indeed, daily walks optimize our overall health. And yes, you can still stroll out during the winter. Cold weather doesn’t have to be a hindrance to your fitness routine. Don’t let your goals freeze along with the season! You can still go safely outside! How?

Set realistic expectations Before you embark in the activity, set realistic expectations for yourself, especially if you’re an avid outdoor walker. Your performance won’t be the same as the temperature drops. You’ll feel your joints stiffer, and it’s going to be a test warming your muscles up. You can overcome them with the appropriate outfit, but don’t be too hard on yourself. 

Warm up properly. Your warm up will set the tone for your body. So do it properly! The last thing you’d want is to strain your muscle, or injure your joints! 🙅‍♂️ You can avoid all of these if you do the right stretching that your body needs to start going! 

Dress appropriately. At this time of the year, dressing appropriately (in layers) is be the solution. Walking outside in the cold would be dare if you’re not in the best outfit. Since you’re going to walk, you also have to use the right shoes and socks. You can try wear our Four Seasons Smiling Socks, Tough and Colorful or the lower Smiling Socks 10-pack if you don't live in a very cold area! ⛄


Does being outside boost the immune system?

With that said, walking briskly regularly boosts your immune system and guards you from cold, flu and other related illnesses. It’s good for your blood stream as it fights off infection. A research in 2011 revealed that adults who walked daily at a moderate pace lowered their sick days to 43%, and avoided respiratory tract infections too! 👏

So, aim to walk at least five times weekly! Warm up for around five minutes, and improve your pace as you progress. Cool down and track your steps too! But really, no pressure. Begin with where you’re comfortable at, take three to four miles hourly. Observe your breathing, and make it a part of your fitness routine!

Looking for the right socks for your walking? Boost your mood along with your immune system. Wear socks that make you happy!

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