Why do dogs like socks?

Don't you just love dogs? Fluffy, small, cuddly, yappy, aggressively adorable - most of them are too lovable to ignore. If you have one, it surely follows you anywhere. It treats you like a best friend, and it wants your undivided attention. That's cute, right? 

Dogs have their way of showing their love and affection, and this typically turns into a special kind of bond that's hard to explain. It may even be peculiar at times, yet it works. Your dog becomes a part of your life and you start to notice its habits, be them charming or miserable. 

Understanding the behavior of your pet shouldn't be that hard. From the food it eats, to the place it sleeps, and to where your pet marks its territory to do its usual business (you know what it means) - you'll know it like an open book in no time!

But, have you ever wondered why of all the things lying around your home, your dog chooses to chew your socks each single time? Yes, not food nor toys, but the dirty socks that are kept in the laundry! This behavior becomes a routine, and it's still a puzzling why they cling into our socks the way we did with our security blanket when we were kids.

Why do dogs like dirty socks?

You might not like sweaty socks but your dog sure does. For these fur babies, socks are delicacies and we'll try to unlock this mystery of dogs liking your dirty socks and explain the reasons why.

Your scent

Did you know that a chihuahua's sense of smell is 100,000 times better than humans? Your dogs like your dirty socks not because of the foul smell but because your scent stays in them. Ever notice how your pets bark right away even if you're still a distance from the door when you arrive home? Your dogs can smell your scent and they can't wait to see you!

Comfort and security

Since your dog remembers your scent from dirty socks, they become a source of comfort and security for them. It's their way of consoling themselves, especially when you're away, to know that their master and friend is still close to them.

Why do dogs like chewing socks?

Good feeling

It's not that they're hungry. So don't worry, you're feeding them enough. Chewing socks makes them feel good, and that's just about it. If you've ever seen or touched Paw Up Smiling Socks, you'll understand why. This is important in a dog's teething process, so you can't blame them for loving the soft and squishy texture of your socks (regardless if you've washed them or not!).


Your pet gets bored too, most especially when you're too busy to play with it. And when dogs are bored, they like to chew on something. Chewing is something that makes them feel better per sé

Why do dogs like to steal socks?

paw up smiling socks

They want your attention

Dogs act like babies sometimes (truthfully, they are!). So when you notice that your Smiling Socks are missing a pair, try to ignore your attention-craving dog for a few minutes and you'll see that... you'll be missing another pair!

Play time!

Our own pet, Snow, a female Maltese, enjoys stealing socks because she wants to play. She either removes socks from our feet or takes one from a fresh pile of laundry, barks, and wags her tail. That's our cue when she's endearingly asking us to throw her favorite Emoji Sneaker Socks, so she can run away, pick it up, and put it back to our hands, and do it all over again!


Did we unlock the mystery of dogs' obsession over socks?

Maybe, they're hoping to get some treats from their master because you pity them for chewing your dirty socks. Or maybe, just maybe, they also want their own Smiling Socks that fit perfectly with their cute paws and go twinning with you in your next Instagram selfie or walk on the park!  



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