Which socks are good for golf?

Smiling Socks will be holding its first Smiling Sosck Golf Cup on October 7th this year. This comes after an extraordinary summer in the world of sports: the emotions we've been living, the thrill, the joy!

First, the European Football Cup and the Copa America in South America. Then the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympic Games, which have just concluded in August and early September 2021, respectively. 

In top sport events like these, athletes make sure they wear the right clothes and gear in order to play their games well. For those who play golf, socks matter. It’s not just about fashion or whatever’s available, but making sure that you’re comfortable and your feet are protected. 

For this article, we are focusing on golf and exploring which socks are perfect for this particular sport. Picking the right socks (or shoes) shouldn’t be an afterthought, especially if the wrong choice could mean injuries.

Read on and learn a few tips about socks for golf!

What socks are best for golf?
which socks are good for you

Since golf involves some walking and staying on your feet, you should consider wearing golf socks rather than just any regular socks. However, it’s really your call if your go-to socks from your drawer do their work anyway.

Your feet should be able to land steadily and comfortably so you can focus on your game. As long as your pair of socks don’t distract you from playing your A-level best, you’re good.

We’re certain you’ve seen professional golfers wearing the standard, full-length pair of socks in competitions. But, as in any sport, fashion and design trends change.

Here are some of the top favorites in golf socks:
long socks for golf

(1). Dri-fit cotton socks. There are quarter cut socks that you’re probably wearing in other types of exercise which you can use for golf too. Because they have dri-fit material, these socks avoid moisture from accumulating in the skin. They also prevents bad odor. You can have a good golf swing with these socks keeping you comfortable all day long.

(2) Lightweight and breathable socks. Because some golf clubs can be heavy, you don’t want to add any more weight in your body than necessary. Having lightweight and breathable socks can take your performance up a notch with the comfort and durability they provide.

(3) Crew socks. Smiling Socks’ Emoji High Socks® can keep your feet cool and dry as well as fashionably gorgeous. You can wear them for hours because of their elastic and breathable material, too. The extra padding helps prevent blisters and protect your skin from UV rays. Want to know how to style crew socks? Read this!

(4) Low-cut socks. Stretchy socks which have polyester fabric provide the much needed cushion for your heel and toes. This way, you can finish as many rounds in golf as you want to!

(5) Compression socks. Due to the length of playing time in golf, you need socks with arch support and compression qualities. There are some pairs with added technology which can adapt to your body temperature helping eliminate foul-smelling bacteria.

(6) Wool socks. You’d think wool is uncomfortable for golf but there are certain comfort properties found in wool that help reduce friction and muscle fatigue. Find socks that even have synthetic cooling comfort for that added cool factor.

Do you need white socks for golf?

Usually, golfers match their socks with the shoes they wear - color or style. However, there are clubs that strictly enforce their own set of rules. That said, you can’t just come in and wear whatever you like.

Did you know that a premier golf club in Sydney didn’t allow a golf player wearing black socks with black shoes? Erwan Porter, former golf player from Australia, was even banned afterwards after taking this story to Twitter.

Strict rules are enforced by private clubs so they actually have full control and final say on their dress code. For many players, however archaic these rules are, they simply follow them so they can still play golf.

Bottom line is, you should wear socks that are comfortable to you. They shouldn’t deter you from playing with other golfers or disrupt the rounds because your ankles suddenly hurt.

So, again, white socks for golf are great but not required.

Can you wear ankle socks for golf?

ankle socks for golf

Yes, ankle-high socks provide full cushioning while still allowing your feet to relax and “breathe.” As many golf practice facilities allow wearing shorts, ankle socks will be a good match for this outfit.

Expect to be under the sun a little bit longer than usual? Lightweight to midweight ankle socks can help with the airflow in your legs.

Wear the right socks for golf

As we’ve seen in many sports activities, socks could impact your game. If you’re not careful, your footwear can prohibit your movement and throw you off the game completely.

You don’t want any hazard or risk of infection with the wrong choice of socks. Any unpleasant feeling on your toes isn’t a good idea. 

If your heels hurt, you won’t be able to enjoy walking the greens in golf. If you aren’t comfortable with the pair of socks you wear, you might not get that hole in one you’ve been practicing for!

Find the correct fit of socks that matches your shoes to ensure an injury-free game. Let your feet freely move and comfortably shift when you’re aiming for that golf ball.

Do you like playing golf? Meet us at the 1st Smiling Socks Golf Cup!
It will be held on October 7th at the Brabantse Golf in Steenokkerzeel, Belgium.

More details coming soon. We'll keep you updated!






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