Where to buy 100% cotton socks for kids (and why it's important)

We'll never get tired of saying you should carefully choose socks the way you would with shoes. And that's true especially if the socks are for active kids. 

Figuring out which socks to buy would always boils down to one major consideration - the material used. Cotton is the common preference as it is deemed as the most comfortable.

However, cotton socks can also cause blisters and moisture which could lead to bacteria and infection. The material can't stay in its original shape too. It would eventually wear out after a series of laundry. No wonder it's hard to find 100% pure cotton socks these days, and thanks to technology, blending has become possible to compensate for cotton's limitations.

Where to find cotton socks for kids

It's frustrating falling victim to misleading advertisements about 100% cotton socks because as we have mentioned, blending exists. Usually, these 100% pure cotton socks have a mix of spandex which sellers won't tell us. So, you have to be meticulous when finding the best place to get socks for your kids - or be realistic with your expectations, at least.

Regardless of how difficult it is to find a pair of cotton socks for your little ones, it should be your top priority. Lucky for you, Smiling Socks has a selection of breathable and anti-sweat socks that would take care of your child's feet without compromising their aesthetics. 

Besides the comfort Kids Smiling Socks provide, their softness would surely bring a smile to your kid's face. Our socks come in fashionable colors, patterns, and sizes so you won't have a problem asking your little ones to wear them. 

The benefits of 100% cotton socks for kids
Cotton socks for kids

Whether you prefer a pair of blended cotton socks or 100% cotton socks for your child, here are some of the benefits from the said material:

  • Comfort. The most obvious benefit from cotton is the comfort it gives. Cotton socks absorb sweat and feature air permeability that is healthy for little feet. Hence, if you need your kids to be in them for a long period, you can be sure that they'll be alright with their socks
  • Lightweight. Cotton socks are light so your child won't hate wearing them. It would be as if there's nothing on their feet and yet, they get the protection the material has.
  • Breathable. Since cotton socks are breathable, they could absorb sweat easily and this is crucial because kids love to run and move around. Thus, they are unlikely to have stinky feet even if they sweat when wearing them because of this top-notch material


A word of caution

The advanced technology of the 21st century allows fashion to evolve, and this is evident even on socks. Some may raise an eyebrow on blends but the truth is, pure cotton alone won’t do. Isn’t it relieving that we can take on all the best qualities of various materials and custom them into a perfect pair of socks? That’s true with cotton socks!

A word of caution though. Synthetic fibers are not the best for kids. While they may be long-lasting, they could have a bad impact on the skin of your child’s feet. Synthetic fabrics including acrylic, nylon, and polyester are made of harmful chemicals. If you’re okay with blending, it might be best to stay away from these materials. 

Happy (little) feet

When it comes to buying the best socks for your kid, comfort is non-negotiable! Their feet are small so you should do what it takes to protect them. The appropriate fit is also necessary to ensure that the pair doesn’t slip and slide. 

Take it easy on your child! Here at Smiling Socks, we believe that happiness is in the little things, and our focus is on making little feet happy! Grab our Kids Smiling Socks made of high-quality cotton and let your kid enjoy being young!

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