What socks to wear with sneakers in 2021

Shoes are not created equal. For every kind, there is a type of sock that goes along with it. Going wrong in this department would be odd all in all, that said, matching is the key!

Indeed, socks have become a vital part of a person’s outfit. But, are you wearing them right? If you are one who loves sneakers, it is important that you know the right pair to grab, for the wrong choice might lead you to sweaty, and worse, smelly feet. 🤢

Your feet deserve all the layers of support and protection they can get. This aspect would allow you to survive long walks and endless errands. Thus, in this blog, we’ll help you understand the basics of matching socks with sneakers.

What are sneaker socks?

Socks are never given enough credit, but they are an important piece of garment. While some might say that sneakers can go alone without inner clothing, this can be bad for you in the long run so it is important to always know what socks to wear with your sneakers. 

The feet produce at least 500 ml of sweat each day, and without your protective socks, they’d go way out of hand. So the next time you go too comfortable with your sneakers, think again!

What are sneaker socks


What socks to wear with sneakers?

In mastering the art of matching your socks with sneakers 👟, there’s no need for you to go elsewhere. The idea is to learn the foundation, and you’ll surely get the hang of it in no time. What are the basics?


We cannot reiterate enough the importance of color in mix and matching. 

Your choice of socks would be greatly affected by the color of the sneakers you are wearing. For example, you can never go wrong with black sneakers. You can wear them with almost anything 😎. As for white sneakers, when you wear them with shorts, a pair of no-show socks is the best pick for you. You can also go with the usual crew socks if you intend to make it quirky. 

With the color of socks to go for, it would depend upon the occasion you’ll wear the sneakers for. If it is an interview or a more formal setting 👔, white socks are fine. If it is for hangouts, then bold shades will hurt no one.


The length of your socks is a make or break for your sneakers. Stay on the mid to lower side of the spectrum. In Smiling Socks, you’ll find varying sizes like ankle and half-length. You can rock these with your pair of shoes! 🤩

While it's all up to you, the safest go-to socks for sneakers have always been crews and ankle socks. You can play along with these, and it’s just a matter of how fun and bold you can get. Just don’t wear sneakers without socks!


The emergence of fashion technology paved the way to the advancement of sock production. Thus, it is common to come across fiber blending for socks. Gone were the days when the only viable option was cotton. Choose a material that suits your activity. For instance, if you’ll use the sneakers for running, then moisture-wicking properties are vital in your socks.

What socks to wear with white sneakers?

A closet will indeed not be complete without white sneakers 👟. But how should you match them with socks? Consider the following:

Ankle socks can be comfy, especially when in the right material. This is the best for people who experience suffocation with socks. If you are the type who doesn’t want to show that you are wearing a piece of garment underneath your sneakers, this is for you.

Full-length socks should work best during winter 🥶, or if you’ll use your shoes for different kinds of outdoor activities including hiking and outdoor camping. This also fits business meetings (it's time to prepare to go back to the office!). 

Crew-length socks are the best for a casual outfit, especially when you wear them with pants lifted. These are also good with shorts. 

When it comes to the color, don’t stress! You are unlikely to mismatch 🌈. Whether you prefer to go white or deep blue. There are even some who go all the way black, and it’s a chef’s kiss! 

The only concern is what you’re wearing the white sneakers with. If you are going for pants or jeans, or you’re sporting some long trousers, you should consider the color of these garments for your socks. Thus, the safest combination would be navy blue or black.

How do you match socks with sneakers?

So, how do you match socks with sneakers? The answer would always boil down to your personal preference and taste. At the end of the day, comfort is king! 👑What’s the point of rocking the best sneakers if it hurts inside?

Trends change. But the basics stay. For as long as you match your shoes and socks with the purpose and occasion, you’ll be fine. And when your closet is no longer inline with your tastes, don't forget to declutter it with these easy tips.

Just remember, don’t wear sneakers without socks! That would cause you more harm than good in the long run. Here at Smiling Socks, we believe that happiness is in the little things. And so, we have a long list of socks that you could match with your sneakers. Regardless of the hard rule you want to follow, always make sure that your personality shines through in whatever you wear! 😍

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