What is international friendship day and best gift for a friend

Has anybody ever greeted you, "Happy Friendship Day!" on Facebook or social media and left you wondering - is there a friendship day?

Yup, there is. The day may not be as popular as mother's or father's day, but it sure does exist. 

We have this kind of celebration yearly, and it's the best time to reconnect with your friends wherever they may be in the world. It's amazing how social media (especially Twitter, Facebook and Instagram) revives this unique holiday, and these platforms serve as a reminder that we could still find comfort and home in the VIPs of our lives even if we're not blood-related. 

When is friendship day?
why celebrate friendship day 2021

The United Nations declared July 30 as the International Friendship Day, and it aims to foster friendships and close the gap between religion, race, beliefs, etc. The organization underscores that violence, poverty, and human right abuses could be prevented, or even resolved, with strong bonds of camaraderie and ties which we can form through friendship. 

Friends are family we can choose. If there's one type of human relationship that's the purest, and the most platonic, that is friendship. Relating to others is a necessity, and even Abraham Maslow would agree: his Hierarchy of human needs proves that we are social by nature. 

Hence, as you take part in this holiday, what are your plans with your buds or besties?

Sending love this friendship day 2021

There are various ways to observe friendship day 2021. If you haven't heard from your friends, or seen them like you'd use to because of the pandemic (which is pretty understandable), now is the perfect time to say hi and let them know that you are there, no matter how low-maintenance and silent your relationship has been. How can you celebrate this day with them?

Check on a long out-of-touch friend - if you can't physically celebrate, it's the thought that counts (cliche but true). Call your long out-of-touch friend on this day! You have different options: FaceTime, Messenger, Telegram, and more. Pick up the phone if you must and ask how they are! 

Make a gift - this will definitely work for your friends whose love language is gifts. Who doesn't love receiving one anyway? It doesn't have to be expensive. After all, happiness is always in the little things. Let your best bud feel that you are a friend for all seasons with our Four Seasons Smiling Socks!

Watch a movie - are you a busy person? No problem! You can still have a movie marathon (films about friendship, if that ain't cheesy) with Netfix Teleparty, or even in person. 

What is international friendship day and best gift for a friend

Host a simple get-together - be it in person or virtual, you can host a simple gathering for a quick catch-up with your friends. Of course, it would be ideal if you could do this in person, but with the threat of the virus Covid 19, we must be resourceful! 

Why friendship day is celebrated

No man is an island. This is an underrated quote for sure. Friendship day is celebrated in honor of our friends - the people around us who make our lives worth living. We remember the ones who stand by us through thick and thin in different seasons in our life and we hope we can keep our friends the longest possible time. 

What's the best gift you can give to a friend?

    • A pet - Dogs, for example, are a man's best friends, right? It makes sense that giving your friend a pet dog is like saying "Here's a pug to remember me while I'm away. Look after him as you'd do to me."
    • Personalized gift basket - A collection of your friend's favorites like chocolates, snacks, a good pair of Show My Feet Smiling Socks, Spotify playlist stickers, etc. You can be creative here! 
    • Scrapbook - Your friend will appreciate that you've kept the movie tickets from the first film you enjoyed together or the dried flower from a bouquet of roses she gave you for your birthday. A sweet gesture that could melt your best friend's heart!
    • Potted plant - These days, more and more people are getting into this hobby of tending plants at home, especially the most of us are still locked down and in quarantine. Living things, like plants, are great gift ideas so your friend can have something to keep them busy. 

Have a blast this friendship day!

Our friendships help us navigate this life. Our friends are here for us to appreciate what we have and don't have, understand our feelings, talk them through, believe with and in us, cheer for us, and help us in our time of need. 

More than ever, today is the perfect excuse to be extra cheesy with your friends and celebrate the precious years you've had and will have as you journey in this life together. Admit it, you can't wait to wear matching Paw Up Smiling Socks with your bestie!

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