Surprise your kid with a back to school gift

Going back to school, or even the first day of classes, is a special day in a child's life.

It doesn't matter how old your kid is. The back-to-school season brings different sorts of emotions, and it could be tough for some parents who don't know what to do.

After all, anxious feelings happen whenever a big transition takes place. So, your support as a guardian would help them cope. Why not cheer them up before this grand day?

There are many ways to ease the worry of your little one during this time of the year. 

In this article, we will list down how you can surprise your kid with a back to school gift. Use these strategies as motivation so that they could break free from these growing pains!

What is a good back to school gift?

Cheering up your kid doesn't have to be complicated Here at Smiling Socks, we believe that happiness is in the little things. You can instill this kind of disposition as early as your child is young and... you'll do your future self a favor!

From personalized sports bags, socks, lunch boxes, handkerchiefs, books and a customized study area - there are many back to school gift ideas that you can try this year. What are they?

Cool back to school gifts for students
socks as back to school gift

(1) Socks. Never underestimate the power of the right socks. This pair of garments would protect the feet of your kid from blisters and other problems that might occur when they have to wear shoes for a long time. So, surprise them with our Smiling Socks® 10-Pack! These socks are not only comfortable, they are also fun and cool. They will seamlessly fit the feet of your kids; hence, they'll be able to move around freely.

Colorful pen as back to school gifts
(2) Colorful Pens. The effect of colorful things on children goes a long way. Since they are still developing, they react to brighter environments and objects cheerfully. So, include a random box of colorful pens in your gift list! They can bring this to their doodles and art class. They'll surely be more excited to create things!

survival kit as a back to school gift
(3) Survival Kit. We all know that going back to school is tough. Thus, giving them a survival kit would only make sense. This can be simple, yet sweet. Grab a lunch box, a container type would work best for this, then fill it with all of the little things your child finds joy with. Again, it doesn't have to be expensive. It could be snacks, school supplies, hygiene stocks, and more. 

toys as a back to school gift
(4) Toy. This may sound ordinary but really, whose kids don't want toys? Celebrate their first day of school with this kind of gift. Maybe, there's one that your child has been spotting, or it could be from their usual favorites. You can decide which one is more fitting for you know your little one better.

(5) Take Your Pick. If you are running out of ideas, or you want to try something different from what you are used to, then this option should do the trick. Let your kid pick what they want as a reward! This suits teenagers as it is challenging to buy gifts for them.

Back to school gifts kindergarten

As for preschoolers, you can customize the present you’ll give and base it on their interests. It’s ideal that the gift is something that would excite them to go to school. Perhaps, it could be a book that you could read together. You can also personalize their bag: add useful accessories that they can be happy about, or food they can munch.

Shaking back-to-school jitters

Indeed, it is normal for kids to go on bumpy roads as the first day of school approaches. It wouldn’t be easy, and every child deals with it differently. At the end of the day, the real challenge is knowing your kid so that you could handle his fears and worries properly. 

Here at Smiling Socks, we ensure to put a smile on every kid’s face through our selection of socks that features creative styles, patterns and colors. Incorporate them in your gift and help your child shake the back-to-school jitters!

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