Socks in the tumble dryer: yes or no?

Drying a pair of socks requires an extra amount of care. 

The common question people usually ask is - what’s the most gentle option in drying your socks, most especially your stockings?

During summer you can just easily let your socks dry under the sunshine and fresh air and for sure, they’d still smell fresh after. However, when the weather is bad, that’s when many of you consider the use of a tumble dryer, especially if you need socks quickly to go to the office the next morning.

But is the tumble dryer the solution? Would it ruin your fine stockings? In this article, we will answer all your questions about drying your socks.

How to dry socks in a tumble dryer

Let’s be real - drying clothes in the tumble dryer is a life saver! It conserves time for busy people. However, this is a responsibility that shouldn’t be taken lightly, otherwise, it might compromise the quality of your garments and clothes.

Shake out the socks before you throw them into the dryer

It is crucial that you shake your socks first before you put them in the dryer. This might appear to be a waste of time, but it’s helpful. You can prevent wrinkles on your socks and they certainly will dry faster. Do not overload your machine as well!

Include a dryer sheet

This recommendation works for people who seldom include a liquid fabric softener in washing their clothes. These dryer sheets are ideal for they don’t only soften your socks, they would also lessen the static sting. 

Set your dryer properly

The cycle you set for your dryer should depend upon the material of the socks you’re loading in the machine. Usually, it is "Cotton" for heavy fabrics, "Permanent press" for synthetic, "Gentle" for delicate items, and "Air dry" for refreshing clothes and pillow cases. 

Remove your socks from the dryer once done

Don’t let your socks stay in the dryer when you are done spinning them. Shake them and fold them right away so that they wouldn’t change their form (and then put them in the drawers the right way!).

How to dry socks fast

Wet socks are unhealthy. Don't ever wear them, even if you're late for your weekly round of golf! The fastest way to dry them is of course to place them under the sun. But if you don’t have the resources to do just that, you also have options for indoors. Your iron can help you. Just place a thin towel on your ironing board and press the piece of garment. 

A radiator may also work if you don’t have an iron. Some utilize blow dryers and they are effective too. Just ensure that you give them the right air and exposure so that they don’t smell - especially if you sleep with socks on.

Here at Smiling Socks, we have a selection of high-quality socks that are easy to wash and dry. For instance, our Black & White Smiling Socks are made of cotton and you can put them in the washing machine and dryer as many times as you want. They wouldn’t shrink or change their form!

Of course, any socks is okay for air dry. This is how you can extend their lives.

Is it okay to put socks in the tumble dryer?

If it is okay? Weel yes, it is. For as long as you observe a good amount of care. Always set your machine in a gentle and low-heat setting and you should be good to go!

Worry no more about washing and drying your socks. Check what we offer here in Smiling Socks and include them in your drawers! Whatever the size of your socks is, this piece of garment will last for as long as you know how to take care of it!

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