One size socks: Smiling Socks now available in two size ranges

Have you ever heard what they say about guys with big feet? Yes, large size socks! 

Buying the right pair of socks can be as tricky as finding the best pair of shoes. Our feet come in unique forms and sizes. If yours is like the rest, you wouldn’t have a problem grabbing a size that suits you. But if you are in the percentage of people who have wide ankles and calves, hunting for appropriate socks might not be a walk in the park.

You might not think much about it, but sock size matters! Your comfort lies in it. No wonder there are people who prefer wearing socks that are once or twice bigger than their feet: socks that are too short would slide down, and those too big won’t serve their purpose. But there are many factors to note when getting the best socks for you.

What should you consider when buying large size socks?

smiling socks bigger size

It doesn’t matter whether you prefer dress socks, crew socks, fun socks, ankle socks, sport-specific socks or compression socks - you should know what to look for when shopping for socks. Before we continue with this list, let’s make this clear: we wear socks for protection and warmth. They are a part of our foot care.  

That said, what should we consider in shopping for them?

Fabric and material

Knowing the fabric of your socks will make you understand how comfortable and durable they would be in the long run. Usually, socks with a higher cotton percentage are considered high quality as compared to synthetic yarn. However, cotton could have its limitations, too, like its stretchability. It would help if the socks have a good amount of polyamide, cotton and elastane. 

Every fabric comes with its own pros and cons, of course. You have to ask yourself how you plan to use the socks in order to weigh which one you should go for. You’ll come across cotton, nylon, spandex, wool, silk and cashmere and you’ll end up confused with the wrong material if you don’t determine the purpose of your socks.

Size and fit

Socks may be stretchable, but that doesn’t mean you won’t take into account your size. Nothing sucks more than a pair of socks that doesn’t fit you well. And this is especially true for people with not the usual shoe size, especially for men with big feet

Searching socks for big feet may be tiresome, but Smiling Socks bestsellers are now available in two different size ranges, 35-41 and 42-48. It isn’t easy buying socks in bigger sizes like the 48 EU size. Do you want to put a smile on your loved one’s face by giving him socks to warm his feet because he likes snuggling with you under the sheets when you Netflix and chill? 

Smiling Socks can help you find a good pair without the need of finding out his actual shoe size. The snugness is right, the socks are comfortable to wear and you don't need to worry whether they will actually fit or not - because they will!

Socks for big feet? Wear socks that matters!

smiling socks 48 shoe size

Smiling Socks truly lives up to the one size socks philosophy to cater to more people, from different age groups and with different preferences. Do you have broad feet? No problem! If you have heels or toes that are a little more sensitive than others and need extra care from socks with the right foot shape, Smiling Socks is your best option! And because the designs and fit are perfect for both genders, there’s always a pair that’s right for you. 

With one size socks, you don’t need to think about whether your socks will slide down and under or if your ankles fit tightly or not. You can never go wrong in buying Smiling Socks. Plus, when your friends unexpectedly sleep over at your place, you can lend them your socks without asking them their shoe size.

Whatever the occasion, there's only one important thing: wear socks that matter! Just like Smiling Socks.

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