Six life hacks with socks you didn’t knew

Nothing lasts forever, and so do socks. 

Running them in the washing machine for years (and in the tumble dryer, too) will eventually cause them to wear out… But we can also lose one of them, and what happens to the other one? Like many of the things we own, you don’t have to necessarily throw them out.

Creativity is the key. Successfully saving your old socks can go a long way! Imagine how this would contribute to garbage management globally. So, how do you deal with your unused (or widowed) socks? 

In this article, we hope you can get a sock hack that would help you make more sustainable decisions with the things you own. And feel more productive and organized then ever. 💪

Practical life hacks with socks

The next time you put in the trash bin that sock you don’t use anymore, consider these life hacks and think twice before disposing any piece of garment.

Cooling cuff 🧊

If you are into drinking from beverage bottles, you can re-use them as a cooling cuff. Get a single sock without a partner as it should be stretchable enough to accommodate your container. Go for the thickest garment you have, so that it can keep your drink cold outdoors. And don't forget to put your almost-new "cooling sock" in the freezer before using it!

Protective cover for DIY care products 💅

Do you have home made personal care products? It’s imperative that you don’t expose them to direct sunlight. One of the best solutions is to store them in dark containers; failing to do this would cause decay. And this is when a protective cover made out of a sock comes in! Be resourceful and turn it as the cover of your items.  

Fragile items protection 📦

When moving house, you would have to secure small objects and ensure that they are organized and systematic. What a better way to do this then create a protective cover using your old sock? Utilize them for your fragile items like cups, glasses, etc.

Smartphone Bracelet 📱

Are you one of those people who can’t live without their smartphone? Do you carry your gadget around whenever you walk, jog or cycle? Well, worry no more because you can turn your used socks in many colored smartphone bracelets. Just cut the sock open and place it over your arm and... ta-da! Your smartphone is always with you, even if when you have no bag or pockets.

Soap Bag 🧼

There are people who prefer to consume pieces of soap. Making a soap bag out of socks is a clever idea: the small remainders of soap can go way out of hand and when you have this, they’ll become more manageable. This solution will allow you to collect left-overs. 

Cord Handler 🔌

Nothing can be more devastating than messy cords when you're trying to keep your desk in order! Hold them together with your old socks. This can be the best opportunity to practice your yarning skills! You’re free to design of course, but you can start by using the loop ends of your socks as elastic rings. Next step: decorate them with the items you like.   

These are some of our suggestions in dealing with your old socks. While not everything maybe for you, we hope to have stimulated your imagination so that you can come up with an idea that will work for you. Start hunting your drawers now and clear out your closet!

Find happiness in these old socks hacks

As we always say, happiness is in the little things 🌈. Repurposing your old socks before finally giving up on them would be a practical thing to do these days.  

After all, recycling can always be fun and intentional. The last thing you’d want is to add your things on the landfill waste from the fashion industry. The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) revealed in a report that 11.3 millions of trash are from textiles.

Put a smile on someone’s face. Recreate your old socks with any of the ideas given in this article and lift your spirits. And, if you find yourself needing a new pair of this cute garment, we have a vast collection of versatile socks at Smiling Socks - yes, even if you have very big feet!

Replace the ones you have lost and make memories with new ones. Or give them as a gift and change the mood of your loved ones! 😊

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