Should you wear socks with Crocs and slippers?

Should you wear socks with Crocs or slippers like Ariana Grande?

Ariana Grande popularized wearing Crocs without socks and there was a time when Instagrammers were divided on whether this is a flop or not. Paparazzis love taking snaps of the likes of Kristen Steward and Miley Cyrus seen wearing slippers with socks.

Whether or not you are pro-socks on slippers and Crocs, is there really a right way of wearing the famous plastic sandals? Let's find out!

How to wear socks with Crocs

The footwear company, Crocs, prides itself in saying "If you wear Crocs, you were never meant to blend in." That said, you can't be surprised by a lot of celebrities and everyday people wearing Crocs, no matter how they mix and match them with their clothes - including socks.

Sure, you can wear your Four Seasons Smiling Socks with your classic Crocs anytime. However, the answer to the question "Can you wear socks with Crocs?" is an easy "yes!", but the question "Should we wear socks with Crocs?" is more difficult to answer. But in the end, who really decides that?

One can argue that if you're going to a more formal, dressed-up event, you should not wear socks with Crocs. If it's a more casual and relaxed social setting, feel free to spice your Crocs or slippers with socks of varying colors!

As long as you feel comfortable, you can be like Jacob Collier who likes to wear his rainbow-colored Crocs with socks while performing in a concert, or a livestream in pajamas!

What kind of socks do you wear with Crocs?

Crocs are originally intended as boat shoes. Wearing Colorful and Funny Smiling Socks wouldn't hurt when you're out on a cold weather, while getting comfy with Show My Feet 10-Pack is a smarter choice during summer, to keep those feet feeling fresh.

You certainly don't want to wear long socks and Crocs with excessively baggy pants or flared jeans. It's awkwardly uncomfortable when both slip-ons and socks are partially covered this way. Better to wear ankle-high socks with capri pants or slacks, so that both footwear and socks are flaunted beautifully. 

White socks are perfect for anything - sandals and Crocs alike. If your slip-ons are playful and with added flair, color and designs, you'd want basic, neutral hued socks. But it doesn't mean that you can't play around with complementary and analogous colors to match your style, if you're confident enough.

Fashion disaster or trendsetter?

Tim Gunn, a known fashion consultant, once made a controversial remark on how people can take Crocs seriously when it just looks like a plastic hoof and said, "I can't imagine a more aesthetically offensive item of footwear than Crocs." 

Tips on wearing socks with Crocs or slippers

Here are some tips that you might want to consider when you're having a dilemma on what and when to wear your Crocs or slippers with socks:

  • Crocs with socks: if you're putting on your Crocs with either a short dress or a pair of shorts, pull some stylish socks to close the distance from your knee to your feet.

  • Crocs without socks: Sometimes, a good headpiece (a bucket hat or beanie, maybe?) can help complete your look so the transition of our eyes from top to bottom balances out because of the heavy-looking bottom.

  • Slippers with socks: This could be a little tricky because even Justin Bieber and David Beckham didn't get high praises from fashion experts when they wore socks with their Givenchy sandals and Adidas pool slides, respectively. Ideally, a wool sock is best with sandals. 

  • Slippers without socks: It's the most natural and preferred look especially when you're out at the beach and hopefully, not when running errands at the grocery store (show a little bit of respect and dignity, you guys, lol).

Crocs and slippers with socks: Yes or no?
slippers with socks!

A few final reminders: You wouldn't want to wear Crocs at work if it becomes a safety hazard, or to wear them in school only to be reprimanded by the principal. Crocs have a strap in the front which you can use for chill mode and at the back if it's sports mode. 

Sandals can be slip-ons for men and heeled for women plus a number of different styles. Socks on or not, simply put, it's fair to follow dress codes, if there's are any.  Ultimately, it's up to you! Comfort is king. The key ingredient to finding the right footwear is how relaxed and happy your feet are. 

Good thing, the Black & White Smiling Socks 10-Pack is perfect for you and your loved ones! You can't go wrong with these anti-sweat socks that you can wear all day long - either with Crocs or sandals. See for yourself and try it out!


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