Road to Black Friday - When is Black Friday 2021?

It’s beginning to look a lot like the holidays. 🤶 The busiest time of the year is coming ahead, and Black Friday is the usual and unofficial opener of the festivities!

Set your 📅! The Black Friday 2021 is happening less than a month away. To be specific, it’s going to fall on the 26th of November and the big question is: is your shopping list ready?

But before we dive in, what is Black Friday and what is the fuzz all about?

What is Black Friday?
Black Friday 2021

Black Friday, the Friday after the last Thursday of November
(or Thanksgiving), is known as the biggest and most popular retail sales day in the United States, which somehow serves as a go signal for the holiday season shopping spree. Today, the event has become worldwide and other countries have their own version of Black Friday as well, to join in the affair. 

Retailers thrive in this annual event. They usually plot an interesting amount of in-store deals that cover not only affordable offers in technology and electronics, but toys, fashion and other things that will pass as a holiday gift for your friends and loved ones as well.

What makes Black Friday popular?

Besides being a part of the tradition, it’s an opportunity for most people to hunt deals that won’t burn a hole in their pockets. It’s hard to trace back how this concept became the way it is now, but its origin is usually pointed in the late 19th century. The source of the term Black Friday is yet to be proven. There are many accounts about it.

There’s one saying that it was the Philadelphia Inquirer that first utilized the term back in 1981, because in those days financial accountants made statements with the typical pen and paper where they’d record losses in red, and gains in black. Black Friday was the time retailers emerged from the red to the black, and they had the holiday weekend to thank for that!

When is Black Friday 2021?

As we’ve mentioned above, Black Friday will land on November 26 this year.  So, you still have enough time to ✍️  the names of the people you plan to send some love this season, and include them in your Black Friday shopping spree!

Everyone looks forward to this retail event as it is a chance to save a huge deal of 💰 on appliances, toys, technology, clothes, and more. 


Based on eCommerce insights, shoppers during Black Friday are most likely to shop online, and that may not change much this year considering that the world is still in the COVID19 situation. In fact, prior to the pandemic, online purchases had spiked mainly because buyers don’t like falling in line and shopping with a big crowd. 

Shopping has actually become way easier as more and more people are discovering the convenience of making transactions and purchases on their mobile phones. Just in this annual sale event, retailers boost their revenue to 240%. No wonder Black Friday has become more effective and reaching than flash sales.

Is Black Friday 2021 cancelled?
Shopping on Black Friday 2021

🌏 may have been different the last few years but in 2021, nothing’s gonna change for Black Friday because it’s not cancelled in the US. In fact, many retailers are looking forward to the event since it’s a tool for them to offer exciting seasonal discounts that would attract buyers.  

The best Black Friday deals you'll get

There’s no stopping Black Friday. It’s bound to happen despite the threat of shipping delays and COVID restrictions. There’ll be no shortage of the
deals waiting for you neither. You can still save like the old times!

It’s no wonder why stores have rolled out their Black Friday and Cyber Monday offers as early as they could. Take it from major retailers including Best Buy, Walmart, and Amazon. Other brands are also on the loop, be it in gaming systems, kitchen appliances, socks, beauty, gift cards, jackets, hats, accessories, and more!


Make ⏱️  for the people you love this holiday season. Reconnect with them and show how you care for them by getting them the perfect gift. Take advantage of Black Friday for this! You can look for the most random things like cool blankets, bright mattresses, funny socks, or even the small give-aways you can use as a present to put a smile on someone’s face. After all, happiness is in the little things

If you want to go grand, that shouldn’t be an issue too. It’s easy to find fancy things on Black Friday like designer handbags, smart TV, iPad, laptop, smartphones, or even headphones. If you are one who affords to extend this huge gesture, you’ll be able to save on your generosity with this biggest retail event of the year!

It’s undeniable that Black Friday has become a part of the tradition and with the looks of it, it's here to stay. Ecommerce has evolved in the last couple of years and it made shopping even more exciting! So, be sure to check out what you’ve been eyeing on this 26th! 

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