Return to office: choose the right business socks!

After many months of working from home in our PJs since the pandemic, we slowly return to our workstations. This comeback sparks a different kind of excitement for sure. 

Going back to the office is almost like that back-to-school feeling you get when you are young. The first day may mean fresh uniforms and new things, and that's also true in adult realities. 

The times you have stayed at home may have caused you to forget how to dress up for work, so now is the best opportunity to start anew and fresh! Well, the truth is that it wouldn't matter if you're dressing for back-to-work or you are still in the same set-up; your ensemble is the key to the motivation and confidence you need in your Zoom meetings and in the boardroom. 

Professional styles don't have to be pretentious. They also don't have to be stiff. Making them comfortable is possible with the best pair of socks. In this article, we will give you tips on choosing the right business socks for your attire. If you are ready to upgrade your wardrobe, you are in the right place!

What you must know about mens business socks

Not all socks are the same. And that should be clear. The vibe it sends is essential in picking a pair that you could strut with at work and your business affairs. Of course, you want your look to radiate competence! 

That said, how should you choose your business socks?

Choosing the best business socks

Quality. When choosing the best business socks for your return to the office, the first thing you have to look at is quality. You’ll be wearing this piece of garment all day, so you mustn’t settle for less. Many prefer cotton with spandex, for they are the easiest to maintain. 

Here at Smiling Socks we have the Emoji Trendy Socks that are elastic, comfortable, and anti-sweat. They are ideal for everyday use, and you can also grab them for various kinds of occasions. Since we use high-quality cotton, we make sure that they don’t change their shape no matter how many times you wash them!

Length. On top of the quality of the socks, the length of the socks you wear is vital. This is of high consideration when it comes to men’s fashion and its purpose. When it comes to a formal setting, many raise their eyebrows on short socks. The safest is to go for knee-length socks. They are the best in covering what doesn’t need an appearance when we are at work.

Color. There is a common notion that business socks have to be dull and colorless. Well, that was before, and times are changing. Some are scared to go for bright colors because they don’t dare to carry them. But if you have that in you, why not? It could be an innovative and cheeky touch to your style. 

Personal Style. Choosing the best business socks would still boil down to your style. Don’t be afraid to take risks. We understand that the solid color tradition is the typical route, but why would you do what everybody is doing? 

It isn’t necessarily forbidden to experiment. You can add a flair to it by putting on some prints. For instance, we have colorful and cute socks that allow you to incorporate your personality into your attire. There’s no hard rule here. You can always be you!

Don’t be afraid to go for cool business socks!

Gone were the days when business socks were too formal. Patterned dress socks are becoming the trend now, and if it’s comfortable and authentic to you, it won’t hurt to try them. Of course, take into consideration various factors before doing so. Ensure that your preference will coordinate with your overall business look, and you’re good to go!

What’s best about Smiling Socks is the versatility. Whether you are in a formal or informal setting, you can sport one and still channel an impactful outfit. Including them in your garment is a practical decision, for they are flexible enough to complement many styles. Indeed, the popularity of cool socks allows men to explore more ways of dressing not just for the office but everywhere too.

The best business socks for you

What matters most in business socks is that you can pull the look. If you don’t want to take risks, that is fine. The traditional, elegant and serious stockings would suit you best. If you want to add a little touch to your ensemble, go for those with discrete icons, logos, and designs!

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