International Youth Day: best socks for kids!

The United Nations (UN) declared August 12 as the International Youth Day in 1999 during its general assembly to raise awareness on the pressing cultural and legal issues surrounding youth. This annual celebration is dedicated to young men and women, and the crucial role they play as the catalysts of change in responding to global matters and helping achieve sustainable development

Not to be confused with the World Youth Day which the Catholic tradition established, the International Youth Day holds workshops, conferences, seminars, meetings and cultural events usually hosted by myriad youth organizations, and national and local government officials (or at least, that's how it's been pre-Covid.)

In line with this special day, we give extra attention to one of the most important parts of the youth sector: kids!

So, do you exert effort to ensure that the little ones are wearing the right socks?

Why you should choose the best socks for kids
the best socks for kids

Most parents spend their energy finding the best shoes for their kids, but they're not concerned about the best socks. After all, it isn't unusual to see parents arguing with their children when it comes to slipping those cute thingies around their feet. Well, we can start changing that this International Youth Day!

If your child refuses to wear shoes with socks, you might initially want to check if the socks are fun enough!

Here at Smiling Socks, we have cool and funny socks that could motivate your kid into wearing socks. Not only that, most of our pairs are so adorable that they are more likely to make people around you smile. We believe that happiness is always in the little things and that's our philosophy. 

The importance of wearing the right socks for kids
the best socks for kids this International Youth Day!

Little feet will continue to grow, and it's going to be by leaps and bounds that you've never imagined. Parents surely need to change the socks of their kids on a regular basis, the way they would with the shoes they outgrow.

The relevance of choosing the right socks goes beyond aesthetics and design. This piece of garment should protect a kid's feet from calluses, blisters, and other sorts of foot problems. When shopping for the best pair for them, you should consider:

  • Age of the child
  • Material and structure of the shoe
  • Shoe size

Special attention to socks for kids with sensory issues
find cheap socks for kids at Smiling Socks

Every individual is unique; hence, we can expect that every child is different, too. There are kids who experience sensory processing issues where they may have difficulty handling sensory information such as touch or sense of body awareness. 

Some kids don't like wearing socks. Or, when they do, they have tantrums because it triggers hypersensitivity. This is why it's crucial to find socks that make them feel comfortable so they know that they are loved and heard. Sometimes, throwing a fit is the only way they can express their sensitivity to clothes. That's when we adjust to their case. 

Smiling Socks' Kids Smiling Socks 5-Pack have cheerful, smiling face pairs of socks that are elastic and super breathable. Not only are these socks comfortable for kids, you also won't have to worry about sweaty feet for your little ones as they have super-absorbent fibers. They are the best socks for kids with the finest high-quality cotton, fashionable color and fun design to boot!

Those tiny feet need a little lovin'

Aren't we all enamored with little kids' feet? It's just right that we add tender loving care by providing them with the best socks.

Those tiny feet tiptoe into your heart & stay there forever.
By paying attention to what ticks your kids or not, you may help highly sensitive kids feel they are supported physically - which translates to social and emotional support, too. You are removing adverse triggers that cause them to have intense reactions from the clothes they wear.

It's always the little things that parents can do to make the young kids happier which will guide them to live more comfortably and independently as they become teenagers and grown kids later on in their lives.

The International Youth Day is a perfect time to gift your young ones with Smiling Socks which they can develop a habit of wearing as they grow up - great pairs to choose from for kids and... kids at heart😉


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