How to wear crew socks

We used to think that socks are just an undergarment meant to be hidden from the world. But the emergence of various trends led to major fashion changes that we have come to embrace - and that includes socks taking the spotlight in our ensemble. 

Wearing socks has taken a a new direction, and it's interesting to see how crew socks have evolved that they fancy up the 'fit of both men and women. Even Ironman himself, Robert Downey Jr., has joined the fun experimenting with his style wearing crew socks and boots.

Even Robert Downey loves crew socks!
For many of us who are forced to stay at home due to the Covid-19 pandemic lockdowns, socks have become our comfort style, too. But whether or not you're showing these fun socks in your Zoom meetings, it feels good getting dressed and playing around those socks you either haven't worn in a long time, or have added to your cart from online shopping and can't wait to use, (don't worry, we don't judge!)

Experimenting crew socks with sneakers

Princess Diana, a royalty herself, enjoyed wearing crew socks with sneakers. This trend is slowly resurfacing in today's generation who adores the princess and her ability to switch from glamorous dresses to laid back clothes (total class!) 
A royalty fashion - Princess Diana on crew socks!Crew socks with sneakers are perfect if you're gunning for that athletic look, although we can learn a thing or two from millennials mixing this footwear up with suits or dresses to tone down a rather too formal look.

If you're tired of your usual leggings and sporty attire, crew socks are the best to mix and match with because they easily and seamlessly complement various combinations. If you're the typical sporty girl feeling a little sexy in running errands for the day, keep wearing those Nike sneakers and Emoji High crew socks with your favorite blazer and show a bit of skin and cleavage on top with your favorite sports bra!



Match made in heaven - Crew socks with shorts
Even Gigi Hadid agrees that socks and shorts go well together!

Men aren't the only ones wearing crew socks with shorts. Women can definitely pull this off too! Wear comfortable bike shorts or short pants with your cool, cottony sweatshirt and any trendy crew socks can jazz up your look. 

Skateboarding's first appearance in Olympics for #Tokyo2020 showed that both men and women look absolutely phenomenal wearing crew socks with shorts. It goes without saying that these athletes need both comfort and fashion to keep their swag in the skate park

There's something quite youthful about socks with shorts, especially when pulled up, and I like that, - Alexander Wang, designer

Crew socks with dresses
dresses and shorts go well together

Many street style photographers often catch surprising attires of women donning dresses and crew socks to complete their look. Taller than usual socks worn with classic shoes does the trick!

Smiling Socks’ Wine and Tasty crew socks are great to be paired with dresses whenever you feel like you’re ready to dance the night away with your girlfriends. You can wear a printed skirt with a classic tee or have a monochromatic vibe and let the crew socks stand out. Invite your crew (see what we did there?) over for some food and drinks and strut your new outfit!

Crew socks with leggings

Did you ever wonder who is the OG fashion girl who started wearing socks over leggings? We don’t really know. But we’ve seen this a couple of times from the likes of Bella Hadid and Kaia Gerber. Okay, they are influencers and have millions of followers in social media, but crew socks with leggings seem to catch on not only with TikTokers.
Stylish crew socks you can consider!

Try Fruit and Pizza Smiling Socks over leggings and you’re certain to be warm during winter while looking fashionably hot - just like celebrities!

Interestingly, this trend is not only popular to women in their 20s but also to moms going out for groceries in the neighborhood of Manhattan in New York. You’d think the youngsters are going out for a run but many of them are either going to work or meeting with executives.

Crew socks - your reliable go-to socks

There are many ways crew socks can fit a girl's look. Seeing how it’s becoming an important part in any outfit now, these trendy socks will keep coming back in style.

It cannot be denied how crew socks are the most popular garment in the sock industry. Use them for casual wear, dress wear, and activewear, crew socks are here to stay… for now. 

So why not upgrade your sock game if you haven’t yet? For more options of stylish and comfortable crew socks, go to Smiling Socks socks shop and bring joy to the world by walking down the street with these exclusive cheerful socks!

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