How to start your week on the right foot

Have you ever seen people going through the same malady each week - the fear of Mondays? 

You might feel that weekends pass by so easily, or that they are too short for you to unwind and relax - but the truth is, you would have to face reality. 

So, why not embrace the start of the week?

You have it in you to make it through Sunday. You just have to set the right energy and foundation. Here at Smiling Socks, we believe that happiness is in the little things. Thus, we are listing down some tips for you to get on the right foot and mood for the week. Let’s get started!

What to do at the starting of the week
start the week right

If you are finally decided to change the mantra of your Mondays, consider these:

Sleep and wake up right

So, you plan to start the week right. The better way to do this is by getting a sound sleep on a Sunday night. Give your body the rest that it deserves to wake up energized and satisfied the next morning.

Wouldn’t it be nice to finally love waking up to the sound of your alarm clock, instead of hitting the snooze button because you don’t want to participate on the day? It’s a new work or school week. It’s an opportunity to  see your friends and loved ones. 

Plan your day

You know what they say about failing to plan is planning to fail? That’s applicable even in your mundane, regular activities. Make a to-do list for your laundry, pampering, workout, and so on. A day passes by so quickly. Make the most of it when you can!

You can include in your list things like organizing your stuff, cleaning your room, sorting your clutter - even the most unimportant detail is fine for as long as it gives you fulfillment and balance

Dress and show up

Not to be superficial or anything but when you look good, it’s easy to feel good about yourself too. Put up an outfit that motivates you to show up in your workplace. Dress the way you want the world to perceive you. Take time to organize your wardrobe and make it a part of your plan.

Your clothing choices have a big impact in your life. You can be practical, fashionable, trendy - you can be whoever you want. If you are one who likes to stand out in the crowd, our collection of stylish yet comfortable socks will be a good addition to your outfit. Let it be your source of self-esteem and fun!


We all tend to be too tight on Mondays. Relax! Find some natural light. Eat breakfast outside. Breathe in some fresh air. Water your garden. Take a light walk and wander on the beauty of nature - or choose any other way to relax you know and like. Unwinding should be a state of mind!

When does a new week start?

With all of these start-of-the-week talks, you might be wondering: when does a week even start? The international standard ISO has an answer for this and it’s a Monday. This is an international standard, though it’s common for some countries to consider Sunday as the beginning of their week.

Setting the right foot 

The perfect day for a change of heart is whenever you are reading this. It’s about time you change that sinking feeling every Sunday night, and change the way you look at Mondays. With the right mentality and motivation, you are on the right foot for a whole week. 

Starting your week with the right foot may take some adjustments, but it's all in you to make that change! Gradually shift your perspective and be at top level every day of the week!

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