How to fold and organize socks (one time for all!)

Is your sock drawer an utter mess? Kindly 🙋 if you’re one of those people who struggle to find a pair, most especially when you’re in a hurry, because you’ve neglected your closet for a long time. This may sound like a silly question to ask but it’s a common issue, and it sucks! 🤦‍♀️

Not to be judgemental but the situation of your sock drawer says a lot about how you’re handling life at the moment. The last thing you’d want is your 🧦 annoyingly jumbling together when you’re trying to look for a match that suits your attire for the day.

If your socks live in the chaos, it’s about time you take action and learn how to organize your drawer!

Why it's time to organize your sock drawer

It’s time to admit it -  sock drawers are one of the most neglected spaces in a wardrobe. Many of us think it could do no harm to anyone until that space is occupied by socks that multiply, pile up, and get way out of hand!

If your sock drawer is overflowing, take this article as a sign to start folding and organizing! In this blog, we’ll get you through the process of tidying your sock drawer and what a better way to kick this off than look at the tidying expert herself, Marie Kondo. 👘

How to fold socks and organize your drawer using the KonMari method

The trending KonMari Method, by the well-known tidying writer and decluttering expert Marie Kondo, will help you declutter your closet.  

Using the same principle, you’ll regain control over your sock drawer. All you need is time to make the change you want to happen possible. How do you do this?

Step 1: Find your joy

Are you tidying your sock drawer for the first time? If you answer yes, the way to start is to bring out all the socks that you have in your closet and sort them. This is when the famous ‘does it spark joy? question comes in. Keep the pair that still makes you happy, and repurpose those that you don’t use anymore (of course, your Smiling Socks 10-pack will stay!!)

Don’t worry! You can still recreate the socks you don’t use anymore. Here are six funny ways to recycle your old socks and turn them into cute bags, holders, bracelets, covers, and more. You don’t have to dispose of them. You just need to be creative! 🤓

Step 2: Separate according to kind

Socks may be versatile but most of them serve a purpose. To ease your life in the feature, it would be best to segregate them according to kind. You sure have socks for business, casual, and daily wear; trendy high socks, crew socks to wear with sneakers, no-show socks. If categorize them and separate them, you are doing yourself a favour as finding the best pair for a certain occasion would be a walk in the park!

Step 3: Learn the fold

Learning the fold is one of the main events of this errand. Doing this should be straightforward:

  • Flatten socks
  • Fold them once from tip to tip
  • Do it one more time, until you form a square
  • Try to straighten them up and see if they sit upright. This is important because you’d line them up in the drawer for an easy view.


Step 4: Arrange and organize

Once you have folded all of your socks, it is now time to arrange them in your drawer. If you have a divider or box, this is useful for you can straighten your socks more effectively. Arrange them according to purpose, then color. 🌈

The advantage of organizing then sitting your socks upward in the drawer is that it becomes more convenient for you to see all of the pairs, instead of balling and throwing them away. The next time you need to locate a particular one, it would be faster. 🚀

Other ways to fold socks

 If you want to try other styles in folding your socks, there are many other options you can consider to make the chore fun. Here are some of them!


The square method is the best for organizing your pair based on colors. So flatten them, then find the heel. Pick one of the socks and place it across the other until you form a cross shape. Fold the bottom sock over and tuck it on the other side. Do the same with the cuff then repeat on the other pair until you achieve a square shape with two cuffs sticking out. Tuck in the first cuff and do the same to the other until you don’t see them anymore. 


This is the easiest fold and is perfect for people in a hurry. 🏃‍♀️ Place one sock on top of the other. Grab both of the cuffs and fold them on top of the toes. When they are folded in the middle, that's it! You are done!


The roll method should work for people who like to preserve the shape of their socks as much as they can. Flatten both garments on a surface, then place one on top of the other. Afterwards, roll the socks from the toes up. Keep them tight so that they wouldn’t lose their fold. That’s how quick and simple it is! 🔝


The military method gives you a tightly folded pair of socks in your drawer. If you have limited space in your closet, this is the best fold for you! Lay both socks on a flat surface. Put one sock on top of the other. Roll the socks tightly starting from the toes then up. Once you are on the top, pull the under cuff behind over the whole roll. Tuck any extra piece that you see in the fold. Nothing should stick out. That’s when you get a tight, nice roll. 

Socks - underrated closet staple

Socks are probably one of the most underrated pieces of garments in our closet. 😔 We seldom give them attention but the truth is - they are a big part of our clothing, and they are not only for styling but for comfort and function too.

This holiday season, there’s no better way to make other people smile than by giving them a pair of funny socks. The good news is that now at Smiling Socks you can even create your own package! 🤩 You can choose the colors you want ant the number of socks you desire and we'll send you in a super special cheerful box!

After all, happiness is in the little things. A nice gift would definitely make your friends and family feel that you remember them at this time of the year! Spread the ❤️!

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