How to fight off post-holiday blues

Don't you love it when the holidays are approaching? You can stay in bed, snooze that alarm and lounge at home without worries of deadlines at work. But when the holidays are over, we're faced again with the reality of going back to our usual routine - and our responsibilities.

We all love the idea of going on a holiday; but it's the opposite when it's time to go home. It's like having separation anxiety; we start to feel dull, knowing a day-off to look forward to is very far away.
Admit it or not, you've felt post-holiday blues at some point. In this article, we hope to share some tips on how to fight them off. 

Post-holiday syndrome

Everyone looks forward to going on holiday. You plan the activities you don't usually get to do when you're busy at work; you can finally be free, and wear your favorite Four Seasons Smiling Socks® on that ski trip you've been saving up for. You also get to have some "me" time away from taking care of your kids or chores at home.

However, no one is exempted from suffering post-holiday syndrome. After the much awaited vacation, it feels like "Why do these things have to end?" It's like you're saying goodbye to all the pleasures and fun of the holidays. It sure doesn't feel good.

It's even worse when your trip lasts longer than a weekend. The post-holiday blues become more unbearable because, suddenly, it feels like the normal routine isn't so likable anymore. You don't know how to go back. 

The post-holiday syndrome can be felt through intense feelings of nostalgia, jetlag (if you crossed time zones), and tiredness. Sometimes, you lose your appetite or drag yourself through your usual lifestyle because your body is still on vacation mode.

You are not alone. Everybody feels the same way. There are techniques to beat the post-holiday blues away and maintain a healthy mental well-being. Read on!

What are the signs of post-holiday blues?
How to fight off post-holiday blues

Before learning how to fight the blues away, it's important to acknowledge when they happen. If snuggling up in bed seems like the only choice you want to spend the day after a holiday, you've got the post-holiday blues, my friend.

Here are other tell-tale signs of catching the post-holiday bug:
  • Stress
  • Depression
  • Insomia
  • Low energy
  • Anxiety of mood changes
  • Body aches

It's common to feel some or all of these symptoms after heightened feelings of excitement and happiness from holiday festivities. When you start experiencing them, however, you can catch yourself and back up again.

How to deal with post-holiday blues
How do you fight the post-holiday blues?

Transitioning from vacation to work or normal days can be hard. Especially if that holiday trip is so memorable: sometimes, you just hope to stay in that moment. 

To get past the post-holiday blues, here are practical tips that you can do:

Unpack. This should be done as soon as possible. It doesn't help to see your luggage still lying around your room. Moreover, it just makes you want to go to buy plane tickets for another vacation right away!

Do the laundry. As you unpack your bag, take your clothes to the laundry to ease back to your normal routine. You need to slowly go back to your life.

Keep yourself busy. Like number two, the easiest and most effective way to fight off the blues is to just keep busy. Do some grocery errands, vacuum-clean your room, and fold your laundry from that trip. This will set your mind that the holiday ended. 

Eat your usual meals. Go back to your regular cooking. Prepare healthy choices of meat, fruits and vegetables that you usually consume for your body to forget the vacation food. 

Get excited to wake up happy each day. Wear new pairs of Colourful and Funny Smiling Socks every morning to start your day fresh and comfortable. Who knows? This can spark joy and inspiration to you to explore new passions and hobbies.

Exercise. Get moving. Working out, even just for 15-20 minutes a day, can increase your heart rate, and help pump blood in your body. This should help you fight off the blues and transition back to a healthy routine.

Fight the post-holiday blues away!
Here's how you can fight the post-holiday blues

Monday blues. Post-New Year's eve blues. Post-summer holiday blues. We've all felt them in one way or another. 

Generally, post-holiday blues will eventually wear off anyway. Whether it takes a few days or a week, it's important to be aware of your mood when it happens.

Stay connected with your friends. Share your experience with your family with photos and videos you took from that vacation.

Always remember that happiness is in the little things. Sure, holiday offs are exciting, but we can also find joy in everything around us, even if there's no special occasion.

When the symptoms are getting worse, there's no shame in talking to a medical professional and seek help. Pay attention to what triggers your stress and anxiety from post-holiday blues. That way, you understand when you start feeling depressed seasonally and know what to do to beat the blues.

Here in Smiling Socks, we promote taking charge of your happiness. Take care of your mood and your outfit with Smiling Socks, the perfect choice to fight post-holiday blues away! It's time to bring color and happiness to your daily routine!



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