How to celebrate Friendship day with your friend(s): ideas and tips

Are you looking for an excuse to be cheesy with your friend (and a time to tell them how much they mean to you)? If yes, now is the perfect chance to do just that as we celebrate World Friendship Day on July 30!

Most studies suggest that friendship ranks as the lowest priority in our busy, adult-ing lives. But even if that's the case, a real and intentional one stays wherever the world takes us. Thus, there's no better season to celebrate the VIPs of our lives than this occasion.

Dedicate this special day to your precious friends by paying them extra, sweet attention. While we can only wish for our relationships to be like when we were young, the gift of friendship surpasses the challenges of times. These people can be an additional support that make life worth living!

There are various ways to show appreciation to your besties and buds on Friendship Day (or even when you just want to). How? Let's count them one-by-one!

Make your friendship day extra special!
Friendship day ideas

Friends are the family we choose. This popular slogan may sound cliche, but it is true in its very essence, most especially for people who feel alone and a stranger around their kin.

So, don't miss the chance to connect with your friends. Here are some ideas:

Karaoke Night. Belt your hearts out with your anthem song, "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!" by Cyndi Lauper, whether virtually or in-person (make sure everyone is vaccinated and/or when you feel safe to go outside).

Netflix Marathon. Have your popcorn ready and relax with your besties wearing your matching Classic Fruit Socks Smiling Socks!

Pajama Party. Don't you miss having sleepovers with your best friends? Talking about every silly crush you each had back in high school and (maybe?) stalking them on Facebook only for the fun of it? The Girls Don't Cry 5-Pack Smiling Socks are perfect for this, too!

Picnic at the park. Invite your closest friends to a potluck and bring each of your favorite dishes to enjoy the meal and the fresh air outside!

Donation drive. If you're up doing something for a cause, you can join a non-profit organization's activity giving away old clothes and free food in your community. Or you can start your own and maybe give away Kids Smiling Socks to little ones in an orphanage!

Whatever you choose to do, we all know that time spent with friends is time well spent. After all, happiness is always in the little things. Make this friendship day celebration extra special by appreciating each other, loving each other, cheering for one another, and together you can enjoy every moment and overcome life's challenges. 

Try these friendship day ideas
How to celebrate Friendship day with your friend(s): ideas and tips

Little things count.You don't need special occasion to celebrate your friends but this special day is a great opportunity to say "Thank you" to them!

There are absolutely infinite ways to let your friends know they mean a lot to you. Here are a few classics that stand the test of time: 

  • Customize your own friendship memento. You can go fancy like buying the Pandora bracelet and filling them with charms that remind you of the stuff only you and your friend know. Or you can make a friendship band out of materials from gifts you have exchanged with each other over the years. The more personalized the item is, the more memorable and special it will be for the both of you. 

  • Shout out on social media. It's not everyday that you brag about your friends online. You can make a short reel of your gifs, photos and videos saved in your phone that you've been meaning to use to let the whole world (at least online) know how grateful you are about your friends. 

  • It's a treat! Why not surprise your best friend with that book she's always wanted to have or your buddies to that concert you've all been saving up for? You can even give Smiling Socks - Digital Gift Vouchers to them so you can wear crazy and fun socks together to the next event you're all invited to! 

It's the thought that counts

Happiness is really in the little things. Whether you want to start a new tradition with your friends every time you celebrate Friendship Day, or you want to go out on a road trip, or just spend a day with your buddies remembering wonderful memories together, you can show appreciation for them in countless ways.

Let them know you're just a call away for any life updates, wins, and tears. Don't you just love life with a little help from your friends? (You sang it, didn't you?)

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