Halloween Safety Tips in the COVID-19 era

It's that time of the year! Kids have always looked forward to trick or treating, 🎃 but since the COVID-19 health crisis has shocked almost every part of the world, traditions have somehow changed.

Costumes, candies, community, camaraderie - all of these complete the spirit of Halloween (without pun intended…. 👻). With the continued threat of the Delta variant 😞, and the age limit the Covid-19 vaccine has, allowing your kids to go out of the house can be complicated. 

Traditionally, children go trick or treating in cliques and large groups. It is also natural for them to join crowds and festivities because that’s what this gathering is all about. For places where children are already allowed to go door-to-door for this kind of activity, how can parents ensure that their kids are safe? How about the unvaccinated children? 

If your family chooses to celebrate the occasion, we’ll list down tips to keep your kid safe with or without the virus.👌 

Halloween safety tips for kids going out alone

Do you trust your kids enough to go alone trick or treating? Before we start this list, remember that kids under 12 shouldn’t be allowed to go out for this activity without your supervision. Now that we’ve got that out of the way, here are some 🦺 safety tips you must remind them before they do anything else:

  • Make them wear light-coloured materials that still give them enough space to breathe and move. Comfort over style, or both if you can! 🍃  (Psst! Our Tough and Colorful are perfect for that!). Go for comfortable fabric like real or faux silk, velvet, brocade, or heavy-weight stain. From the hat and dress to the Four Seasons Smiling Socks they might wear, make sure that it’s a piece they’ll have fun with!

  • Their costumes should also fit properly to avoid tripping and falling. They’ll walk and the last thing they’d want is a garment that doesn’t do them well. They should perfectly suit them. Spend a little time on the details of the outfit they’d use for the occasion

  • Put strips of reflective tape on the back and front of their costumes so that they are visible on the road

  • Let your child join a small group of friends you personally know

  • Provide them a flashlight. 🔦  It’s also much better if they have a cell phone so you can contact them anytime

  • Plan the route they’ll take on the activity and reinforce that they are not supposed to go beyond that. Instruct them to call you in case they get lost. Make them treasure hunters and give them a map!

  • Set a when they’re expected to be home. A curfew should give you peace of mind

  • Tell your kid to not eat anything on their way. Opening the goodies should also be done at home so you can personally see what their hands are on

  • Review all the safety rules with your kids before you let them go. Make them realize the importance of these and be sure that they understand by heart!

Halloween safety tips for kids during COVID parents should know

halloween safety tips for kids

Go outdoors. The importance of fresh air, proper ventilation and social distancing can never be understated during the time of pandemic. So, as kids go trick or treating, it would be best for them to stay outdoors to limit close contact with strangers and other people. They could stay in the front door, yard or driveway. It is also a good idea to provide individual bags for kids to avoid crowding. 

Wear a real mask. It’s easy to overlook the masks children wear. Since they’ll be in costume, some parents might go for the fashionable face covers that would complement the ensemble of their little one. But, this is dangerous especially to unvaccinated kids. It is recommended to use at least a two-ply face mask. Integrate function and aesthetics this Halloween season!

Control the group size. This kind of occasion usually drives a large number of people. Avoid this if you can. As much as possible, only celebrate with people you personally know. If you could limit the crowd to just siblings, closest friends or relatives, that would be way safer!

Restrict the house visits. Explain to your kids that trick or treating may be quite different this year, as you can’t go to all the houses. Only choose where you’ll visit. This would limit the exposure of your child to people you don’t know. Just go to the nearest homes. Carefully explain to them why this celebration is different. They’ll surely understand. 

Observe social distancing. This is reiterated again and again as people seem to forget the need to distance themselves from one another, especially when they are in the same crowd already. Be cautious and always check the space everyone is observing away from each other. 

Follow strict hygiene. Let your child bring alcohol or a hand sanitizer and remind them to apply some in their hands in between homes. Sanitize their goodie bags. If you are going to make one for kids, wash your hands properly.  

Don’t go out. If you are feeling under the weather, don’t go out. Staying at home is the best for your loved ones and community.


Should you let your child go out?

With the situation that the world is in right now, the answer is still up to you and your comfort level. Regardless, there are many ways to minimize the risk of infection exposure and following protocols should give you that confidence to participate in the world again. 

So, start checking your closet for the best costume your kid can wear this Halloween! Whether you are buying a new one, or making an outfit from scratch to channel your creativity, always remember that happiness is in the little things. What matters is that you’re giving your kid a memorable childhood they’d fondly recall when they’re grown ups!

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