Fall 2021 fashion trends

Pack up your sandals and sleepers and bid goodbye to your open shoes and shorts. You have officially reached autumn, and Fall 2021 fashion trends are about to take the scene! Well, it shouldn’t be like the usual since the Covid-19 shook the world. 

Trends change, but those that many people love would stay and last. They turn into wardrobe staples that stores feature seasonally.

With the much-awaited rollout of the vaccine across the globe, the mood has changed into a festive one, and it’s the perfect time to dress up, go out, and celebrate life! So, expect this year’s collection to be vibrant and joyful

Are you ready to invest in a happier closet? Expect this to be the tone of this year’s fall. In this article, we are listing down the styles you shouldn’t miss this season!

Color trend fall 2021
2021 fall fashion trend color

You saw the positivity in the color palette last year. Designers went for calm and warm shades like sage greens, powder blues or mellow corals. The step-up may not be drastic this year, but there’s going to be a touch of triumph with fiery reds, fuschia, and brilliant yellows. Think about Prabal Gurung’s hot pink gowns! That’s the direction you're going. 

You can look forward to a brighter color combination such as fuschia and silver! The distinctive blue tone familiar in denim also stays this season, and the regular army green hue of leather jackets, shirt prints, and mini dresses will still be in. 

Among the notable mentions for fall 2021 color trends are clay, red, lilac and silver. Off colors would resurface too. They’ll be mixed up in a topsy-turvy but all in a good way. Such bold shade combination will cause people to look at you twice, and that’s the attitude you want!

Fashion trends 2021 for men and women this fall
Fashion trends 2021 for women

What are the fall fashion trends 2021 for men and women? The good news is that raiding your closet is all it takes to be fashionable. We understand that it’s easy to buy new fall releases because of the pressure from society, but your creativity may help you go a long way without losing a fortune. Check the following trends this autumn:



Yes, button-down shirts will still be a vibe this fall, and it seems like it’s here to stay. No wonder celebs love wearing them with a bra-top underneath. Make them the foundation of your overall style - whether you prefer them oversized or the opposite; you cannot go wrong with this piece of garment this fall. 


You’ve heard it right; plaid isn’t going anywhere this autumn either. The crowd is into that school-core look which enables you to step up your blazer, button-down, or plaid skirt with structured items. To complete this OOTD, go for chunky socks, and we have many here at Smiling Socks. Our cool Emoji Trendy pair should add a flair to your ‘fit! 


It’s not every day you’re allowed to indulge in a layer of sequins! This aesthetics will give you the 1920’s timelessness plus the 1980’s opulence. While covered, this look will surely glimmer up (and this is not only for clubs). When you match this with high necks, jackets, long trousers, and bright dresses, you make it your statement this season!


Keyhole, arm, hip, or side cutouts - there has been a rotation of this style coming in and out, which will also happen this season. Turning it into a fun and cheerful embellishment would leave an impact. Dua Lipa has proven that wearing this style from neck to toe is current. Is it extreme? Brave women will be able to handle them just fine!


Fall fashion trend 2021 for men


Leather is a timeless wardrobe regular that has not waned all over the years. This season, it's going to make a re-appearance through ultra-long coats for men. Whether in that Neo-Matrix sci-fi vein or the retro-feel from Casablanca kind-of-leather, it doens't matter.


Men are seldom seen with this type of clothing, but that’s about to change this fall. Knitwear is a practical and fashionable choice for dropping temperatures, and you can enjoy this comfortable wear in various colors and graphic designs. This year's motif is the geometric pattern with an oversized silhouette, so make sure to have that in your closet!


Designers have been continuously experimenting on the very core, and it will be visible on the prevalent pieces for men this fall. Just take a look at the Dolce & Gabbana oversized blazer packed in zips or Wooyounmi’s belted coat.

Varsity jacket

Preppy style is taking its spotlight this fall and varsity jackets would play a significant role. This piece of clothing has become more than just a college athlete’s uniform that you hang on your arm after winning a game. Wear yours with denim and boots and reinvent it based on your personality!

New trends 2021

Gone were the days when flash-in-the-pan fashion was the trend. This year, everything you need to dress up for autumn is just in your closet. Happiness is still in the little things. With the vaccine sparking hope globally, it is understandable to make optimism a fall fashion statement!

Grab those long socks you’ve been hoarding since summer! Prepare those dark jeans, sneakers, shirt dress, cotton sweater, leggings, ankle boots, or down vests, for they’ll be your great companion this season! 

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