Do you know what is Women's Equality Day?

women's equality day

A wife and a CEO. Women in politics. Female college graduates. Homemakers who can freely exercise their right to vote. Women entrepreneurs and business owners. Teenage girls in extreme sports. Mothers who own their property title under their name. 

These are some of the things that women can now enjoy because of the commitment of the trailblazers in the past, who fought for the basic rights of women

A couple of hundred years ago, society shunned even the thought of women in institutions, organizations, and workplaces that were predominantly ruled and controlled by men. This patriarchal bias can be seen all over the globe. 

In 1971, the United States celebrated the first Women's Equality Day to mark the advancements of American women by recognizing women's progress toward equality. The occasion serves as a constant reminder that women are not just second-class members of the society.

When is Women's Equality Day?
celebrating strong women on women's equality day

Every 26th of August since 1973, every US president proclaims Women's Equality Day as a special day in support of women's movement and equal rights. 

This celebration commemorates the 1920 adoption of Amendment XIX to the US Constitution, which "prohibits the states and the federal government from denying the right to vote to citizens of the US based on sex."

Not to be confused with the International Women's Day (March 8), which is celebrated globally as well, Women's Equality Day is only observed in the US in honor of the first American women granted the right to vote on August 26, 1920. 

Women's equality in clothes

Ask your grandmothers and the women in their earlier families and you'll hear how oppressed women were in past generations. While not surprising, this kind of oppression represents the kind of limitations society has set on women - including their clothing. 

It is now such a delight to be a woman in today's age. You can pick your clothes without fear or prejudice. Millennials living in this generation can express themselves more freely even if their choices are unorthodox. Moms and female entrepreneurs can be fashionably gorgeous, too! No one rule governs women's style in the modern era, and that's one of the good news! 

How to celebrate Women's Equality Day
On women's equality day, be free!

Even if this is just a US holiday, women all over the world are in solidarity to support Women's Equality Day as its aim is universal. In your own way, you can take part in it by continuing efforts toward equality wherever you are.

If you have thought about celebrating the occasion this year, here are some ideas for you:

    • Watch online films that portray strong women in the office, or are written and directed by female movie directors and writers
    • Tweet "Equality is not a female issue, it's a social and economic imperative", to help educate your followers about the importance of this day
    • Dress in a way that gives you pride as a woman! Wear Smiling Socks Show My Feet 10-Pack to show your independence and freedom of expression! 
    • Join online discussions and/or seminars on women's equality to learn more about new channels that provide equal economic opportunity for women
    • Catch up with your female friends and colleagues and be each other's support system. Empower one another!
    • Be unapologetically YOU - a strong woman of value.

Remember that though this is about women, all genders are welcome to participate in the discussion and activities in observance of Women's Equality Day. Men can especially show how much they value women during this day by continuously advocating for their voices to be heard. 

Change the narrative in Women's Equality

We can all be agents of change in this ongoing pledge to fight for women's equality and constitutional rights. Defend women and girls of all ages and continue to support women empowerment and gender equality. The little things that we do every day matter because YOU matter. 

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