It's time to declutter! Smart tips for decluttering your clothes

It's easy to say “get rid of the things you don’t use”, or “raid your closet and dispose of the garments you don’t use anymore", but doing it... well, that's another story altogether.

But then came Marie Kondo, and the way we treat our things changed forever!

"Does it spark joy?"

This trending question is the principle of the KonMari Method.

Marie Kondo has been fascinated by organizing at a very young age. She pursued her tidying consultant business when she was still in the university at 19, and the rest, as they always say, is history. She is now a known tidying expert, and she continues to transform the lives of families by helping them declutter.

What is the KonMari Method? 👘

You are unlikely to hear the advice “throw the things you don’t need” in the KonMari Method. In this process, your feelings play a role in the decision-making. The KonMari Method changes the narrative of getting rid of the things you don’t need to keep the things you need - thus, those that "spark joy".

This method is personal, but it makes sense. Of course, it would vary from one person to another. Experiences are different. When you ask yourself if you still find joy in your own things, decluttering becomes intentional and purposeful. 

So, how does KonMari exactly work? There are only five steps that you need to follow in the KonMari Method:

  • First, discard your items by category following this order: clothes, books, papers, komono or miscellany and lastly, mementos
  • Second, break your categories into subs
  • Third, only keep the things that spark joy
  • Fourth, organize your space
  • Lastly, do everything in one go!

The last step means to finish tidying in one shot. You have to change your mindset if you want to alter your environment dramatically.


Declutter your wardrobe: the benefits

Since the first step in the KonMari Method is decluttering your wardrobe, we’ll focus this blog on it. The truth is, when you organize your garments and clothes, you have to be ruthless. The most accessible place to start is with your clothes because they pile up quickly and often you don’t even have lots of emotional attachment to them. 

What will you get from decluttering your wardrobe?

Time ⏰

When your wardrobe is only filled with clothes that you wear and use, you'll save much time in searching for the items that you need. If you are a busy person, this technique can be a lifesaver

Space 🏠

Once you have managed your closet and it's no longer overflowing, you'll have more freedom to organize your garments. How irritating is it to search for clothes and get overwhelmed by something else? Doing this will also give you the chance to focus on the aesthetics of your wardrobe. Wouldn't this be a nice change of mood?


The frustration of owning so many clothes and still not finding something to wear right away can be stressful, especially if you are in a hurry. Decluttering your closet will smoothly improve your routine, that's for sure. And this is where the serenity of owning a clean wardrobe comes from!


Practicality 👌

Have you checked if the clothes you're keeping still fit? Do they serve a purpose in your life? If you barely remember them, it would only be practical to let them go. You can sell or donate them (or use them for these life hacks!). You can give them a new home instead of leaving them to collect dust in your closet. It's time to reflect!

Tips for decluttering your closet

So, how do you declutter your closet? Let us follow what Marie Kondo says:

Commit to decluttering

Yes, the process starts with commitment. Tidying is a journey, and it’s not quick or easy. You might have to free a day for it. Consider plotting it in your calendar and make time for the process. There should be a time when your only mission is to declutter your closet. Only start when you are ready.

Pile everything up

Okay, this may sound chaotic at first but trust the process. Pull out everything from your closet (everything from the largest to the smallest, 🧦 those you use and don’t), and put them together. Piling may be daunting, so if you have to involve your family, make them do this with their clothes too.

Sort to find joy 

The KonMari method would allow you to go to every piece of your garment. Hold it close to your heart and ask this question: "Does this spark joy"? Whether it's a cute pair of socks or your go-to shirt, re-evaluate your wardrobe! Sort them into two, keep those that still make you happy 😃, and rehome those that don’t. But of course, don’t forget to say thank you before you discard them. 

Learn the fold

When you are done sorting, Marie recommends that you fold your clothes. The expert has a method for this. Fold your garments vertically so that you can see what you’re looking for in the closet or drawer easily. You can also use shoe boxes as divider so that you can make the most of your space.


Find your style

Once your closet isn’t piled with clothes that you don’t wear, it will be a joy to revamp it and rediscover your style. Who wouldn’t want a wardrobe that isn’t only functional but stylish too? Like most people, you indeed have easy-to-grab, favorite or seasonal clothes that you want to stay within reach. Customize your closet!

declutter your closet the mari kondo way!


How to be ruthless when decluttering your clothes?

It is not surprising to see some people struggle to declutter their closets. The idea of downsizing your closet is scary, but if you are determined, you can do it! These are the tricks: 

Keep only what you wear

You see your favorite shirt from five years ago 👕, but you have not decided whether you’re keeping it or not? Wear that piece of garment today! Hoping to wear something won’t help you unless you finally act on it. If the clothing doesn’t feel right anymore, maybe it’s time to let it go!

Limit your hangers

Ruthless? Well, that’s the point. If you love to hoard clothes 👖, this next step should change your life! Just select a set of hangers for your wardrobe. For example, if you only keep 50, then that is it! Limit it as much as you can.  

Start now!

Decluttering your wardrobe may take a lot of work, so start as early as you can! Happiness is in the little things. Focusing on what only gives you joy will allow you to clean and live anew!


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