Can you wear long socks in the summer?

Is summer your favorite season of the year? 

As half of the world is heading on to the warmer months, it will be more and more common to see the resurgence of shorts, usually coupled with a pair of cute, long socks like what we have in our Smiling Socks store.

Long socks and summer: is this a problematic combo?

What if we told you that you can still sport high knee socks during this bright time of the year? Yes, you don’t have to stack your socks collection and wait for winter!

Don’t let the weather stop you from wearing what you want

In this article, we’ll teach you how to wear knee high socks in summer.

Are long socks for women and men okay even in summer?

While most of us are not used to this kind of style, there are various reasons why we should consider it during hot weather. These are some of them:

  1. Keep your feet dry. Hot weather can make your feet wet and smelly, but with your long socks on, that shouldn’t be a problem. A pair of this garment would protect your feet from dirt, pollution and dust as well!
  2. Make you trendy. Wearing long socks even in summer has always been a trend, and it’s not surprising for it’s not only comfortable, it also adds a contemporary touch to your style!
  3. Protect your feet from blisters. Wearing shoes without socks during summer can hurt your feet. Do it for a long time and you’ll have blisters, and worse, infections, because of the hot temperature
  4. Give you freedom to move. If you are into extreme workout, regardless of the season, you surely know how different it feels during this time of the year. Gearing yourself with long socks in an intensive exercise drives the moisture away from your skin. The comfort will give you more chances to move around! 

Tips on how to wear knee high socks in summer

knee socks on summer 

Fashion remains to be a debatable topic. It’s subjective, so letting your personality shine is always the best thing to fo - no matter what the season is. 

It's typical to see men in socks and shorts. But this aesthetics isn’t only exclusive to them. It is for everyone. What are the different ways for girls to do it?

Go for heels!

Not everyone is open to the idea of wearing heels with socks and that’s when you can make a difference and stand out! Make this fun and elevate your look. Sports socks and sky-high stilettos can actually work to get that girly, athletic vibe in the summer.

For that preppy and stylish fashion piece, wear your heels with knee high socks. As this look is typically done during the colder season, be careful in choosing the right material when wearing them during summer (and ideally when staying indoors for the most part).

Keep it chill with sneakers

Say goodbye to slippy ankle socks and go for long socks with sneakers. You can still allow good airflow for your legs while showing off trendy and colorful crew-length socks paired with your basic white sneakers. 

If you’re going for more textured and colored sneakers, however, stick with the basic and more neutral-colored socks, like our Classic Fruit Socks. You can either choose to have the sock or the sneakers to stand out; or make patterns on both of them work, if you feel like experimenting with designs.

Boots for whatever season

Summer is the perfect time to go out for hiking. So it goes without saying that you need the right socks to match it with. If you're prone to blisters, knee-high socks are great to add some cushioning and absorb friction as you expect more strenuous activity in your hike. You don’t want your feet to slip with the wrong socks wearing boots - that’s a recipe for disaster! Good, padded socks pair well with boots.

Well-rounded with flat shoes

Generally, both men and women wear open flats sock-free. Slip-ons, sandals and ballet shoes don't really go well with knee high socks. Depending on the "vibe" you're going for, flats are great with a maxi dress and summer dresses. 

Some flats, however, like the Oxford metallic shoes, can be paired with knee high socks when wearing shorts or cropped jeans. Stick to pastel colors for your top to keep your summer outfit look light.

Benefits of wearing socks in summer
long socks on summer

More sun during summer can mean more exposure to direct sunlight. Thus, wearing socks in summer can avoid your feet getting tanned. 

Socks are not only good for hygiene, because more sweat and moisture are expected during the summer, they also help your feet “breathe” and feel relaxed.

It’s important to choose comfortable socks like the
Emoji High Socks® 8-Pack that you can wear in any season. We believe that your socks should be a reflection of your mood and this pair could help you achieve that!

You can wear these anti-sweat long socks for walking, biking, even working out at the gym during summer.

Women typically benefit more in wearing long socks in the summer but men can also pull off this look. It really just boils down to your comfort level as no two individuals are alike. If you sweat more profusely during summer, go for cotton socks and thinner fabric material.

Long socks fashion in summer
knee high socks

As the summer winds down in some parts of the world, temperatures are still high for the others. Whether you go for boots or loafers, there are many sock options out there to mix and match with your favorite outfit during this lovely time of the year.

Stay fashionable and comfortable! For more cool and trendy socks in the summer, go to the Smiling Socks selection and gift yourself or your friends and family the perfect socks to spread smiles and sunshine all around!

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