Black Friday 2021 is here! Discover our special offers and avoid scams

It's here. You've waited a long time for it and now it's finally here: Black Friday 2021. ⚫

Which means discounts. Giant discounts for us at Smiling Socks, because as you know we believe that happiness is in the little things and we love to put smile on people' faces, so is there a better reason to smile than HUGE savings on your favourite socks?

There might be other reasons to be happy, actually. But we give you ours! 🧦
To be honest, there's another reason to celebrate. As you might have noticed, Christmas is coming. Not to make you anxious but... we're officially less then a month away from the big day.

How many gifts have you already bought? Today is the perfect day to cross some off the list: take advantage of our sales and buy the perfect Christmas gift for your friends and relatives!


Smiling Socks Black Friday Sales: how it works

Unless you save a lot of money, it's not sales. This is why we decided we wanted to go big: big savings, big sales, big satisfaction. 🤩

Here's what we prepared for you this Black Friday 2021:

  1. Buy two pair of socks and get a 30% discount
  2. Buy three pair of socks and get a 40% discount
  3. Get 75 € off any order above 150 € using code BF75OFF

Not bad, uh? 🤪

Yes, you can fill your drawers with brand new, cheerful socks. You can stock socks for the office for a year or two. You can buy Christmas presents for your thirds cousins too. You can be sure of one thing: you'll save. 💰


Do you know our amazing range of Smiling Socks?

Our bestseller Smiling Socks 10-pack, of course. But there's more: have you already seen our full range of socks?

You can find:

    - stylish crew socks
    - trendy high socks
    - ideal-for-winter Four Seasons Smiling Socks
    - funny socks for every occasion
    - animal socks for the pet lovers out there
    - classic emoji socks to wear with sneakers
    - black and white Smiling Socks
    - colorful fruit and pizza socks 🍕

    Looking for a cool pair of socks to match with your boots or sneakers? Try our Tough and Colorful socks. Get them with our Black Friday sale!


    How to stay away from scams on Black Friday

    Everyone loves shopping, especially when it's sales day. 🤑 But as we have grown used to hear... stay safe. Black Friday scams are no news. People flock to the internet to find deals and... 💩 happens.

    But here's how to avoid scams on Black Friday, save real money and be happy.

    Check the price. Check it twice

    Many shops raise their prices on Black Friday, to make it appear that the discounts are greater than they really are. How to avoid ending up in this network? First of all, use price comparison sites in order to have an idea of the real price of the item you're about to purchase. If you're buying on Amazon, you could also try Keepa, a web plugin that lets you see the historical price trend of every item sold on the platform.

    Don't click on any link in any email you receive

    Phishing is not a thing of the past. To avoid scams via email, you should be aware of the links you click on. Have you received emails from that sender before? Did you sign up to a newsletter? If something is not right, just don't click.

    By the way, you can sign up to our newsletter in the homepage and be sure to receive all our special offers in advance!

    Be patient. Sales last all day long (and more...)

    Every special offer seems to be the only, inimitable, unmissable and most advantageous offer of the world. I'll tell you a secret: most of the times, it's not. 🤫
    Most of the times, the offer will last longer than you think; and most of the times, the item isn't really going out of stock. So be sure to check the price and check the security of the website on which you're buying, before hitting that "add to cart" button!


    Get your Smiling Socks with our super Black Friday discounts!

    Hey, everything I said above is not true for Smiling Socks (of course 😇): you can trust us and you can be sure that our Black Friday discounts are real. Real as the socks you'll receive on your doorstep.

    Buy them now and take advantage of our super Black Friday sale!

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