Best socks to wear with Doc Martens

Doc Martens is not for the faint of heart. Anyone who's had these shoes can attest how it's a love-or-hate kind of relationship, especially if it's your first time to wear this bad boy. Expect to have blisters during your honeymoon period - from day one of purchasing these boots.

This isn't to say that Doc Martens is not without its perks, of course. You are sure to get high praises from people who would notice you wearing them because, let's face it - the shoes are hip, fascinating, and definitely sturdy. What a great pleasure to have a pair that stays with you for lifetimes, and through changing trends.

How to mach your favorite socks with boots

Whenever we're approaching cooler times of the year, many of us get excited at the chance to flaunt our favorite pair of boots (because that's what they are made of as a song would say - for walkin'). And if you are one of those bold and brave people who isn't afraid to express a different side of you through your outfit, you surely know that pulling off a pair of boots requires showing some personality.

You can start sporting your favorite boots with a comfortable pair of socks. Sounds odd? Not really. Apart from the fact that they keep your feet from moisture and bacteria while you are in boots, wearing them would add an extra statement to your 'fit! But, how would you do this?

It will all boil down to choosing the right length of socks to wear, and the kind of look you're trying to achieve. Whether you are going for that playful, summer vibe or a simple, blending, casual look - the rule of thumb in incorporating socks with boots are as follows: 

1) Crew socks match best with skinny and cuffed pants

2) Tall socks are perfect for under cropped pants

3) Ankle socks are sexy and fine with bare legs

All of these sock options for boots are in our selection at Smiling Socks!

wearing socks with boots! should you do it?

How to wear long socks with boots

You can never go wrong pairing your boots with long socks. They would protect your feet throughout the day - the street style kind of way. Usually, this is the length that complements cropped pants, most especially if you are in riding boots. The idea is to show off your footwear; so, if your pants are touching your socks, roll them up to draw everyone's attention to your garment!

Here at Smiling Socks, our Tough and Colourful long socks are the best if you need a comfortable pair in solid color that would suit your wedge, ankle or combat boots. They'd cheer up your day as they are available in ten different funny faces that you could pick from depending upon the mood you are in for the day. 

DMs (a shortcut name Doc Martens is known for) can cause blisters and sores for some while it's pretty common for some people to have sweaty (and sometimes smelly) feet when wearing them. See, long socks with boots are not only visually pleasing, they'd protect your feet from perspiration and discomfort, too. 

How to style Doc Martens

Doc Martens has become a classic since its worker-style boots from many years ago. And if you are one who doesn't want to be intimidated, and be worn off by it, here are some ideas to style a pair of Doc Martens:

  • Go thight!  Thights and Docs would never go out of style! This classic combination is as simple as matching your bulky boots with thighs to balance out your look. Top this with high-waisted cutoffs shorts plus a plain tee and you are good!

  • Go over the edge! Doc Martens are known for their edgy and rebellious design so if you are in the mood to join the trend, grab our Wine and Tasty 7-Pack along with your ripped jeans and oversized denim jacket!

  • Go girl! Doc Martens are gender-neutral, and that gives you the room to feminize it with our Girls Don’t Cry 5-Pack. Tone down its masculine appeal by rocking it with more girly outfits. A light, patterned fashion scarf, and a hat would be the killer combo for this flair!   

  • Go rock and roll! Both for men and women who want to pull off the 8-eye boot and 3-eye shoe pairs Docs DNA with classic 50's rock & roll details in full blown rock and metal vibe. Be your own rockstar wearing boots with star-shaped studding and embroidered, tattoo-inspired patches and some cool Smiling Socks’ Japanese Cartoon 6-Pack.


    Wear long socks with Doc Martens!

    Time and again, we’ve seen the appearance of Docs in pop culture. And they have reached the hearts of the crazies, the introverts, the free-spirited, and nonconformists alike. In Smiling Socks, we celebrate free thinking individuals and people’s uniqueness as we stand for creative expression, so you can build your attitude and confidence into every groove in life.

    Doc Martens are "as tough as you.” Short socks with boots is a recipe for disaster so make sure that when you rock your DMs, you wear long socks so you don’t hurt your soles, ankles, toes, and legs. Pop your individuality and let your character shine wearing these boots with grooved cleats for added traction. 

    Be your own superhero making people smile with our selection of Smiling Socks and contribute to a happier world in the iconic Doc Martens boots!


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