Best Christmas gift ideas 2021 for every budget

The holiday season is in the air. November will surely pass by fast, and before you know it, it’s Christmas already! Don't regret not having bought presents early. 

If there’s one big lesson from the previous holiday seasons that everyone learns the hard way, it's this: never go last-minute shopping for gifts unless you have lots of time to spend queuing in long lines or waiting for your delivery (Black Friday is the perfect example!)

But, if you are busy and want to spare yourself the stress, now is the perfect time to look for unique Christmas gift ideas 2021.

It doesn’t matter whether you are trying to secure the best 🎁 for your partner, mom, dad, sibling, friend, kid, or anybody that you want to reconnect with this season - we’ve got you covered. In this blog, we’ll talk about potential presents that could put a smile on someone’s face. If you are ready, grab a 🗒️ and let’s start the list!

Unique Christmas gift ideas 2021 to consider

unique gifts for christmas

Who doesn’t want to give a classic gift? You can expect to receive one for sure. 🤗 However, if you want to skew on the traditional, creativity is the 🔑. What you’ll come up with will depend upon how much you know the person you want to give a gift to. Consider these suggestions and tweak them accordingly:

Personalized PJs

Christmas is for families, 👪 and so it’s just right to hunt for matching family Christmas pyjamas and make them a present for your favorite bunch! Go for the matchy-twinning types that look comfortable and cute. This kind of gift may take time to achieve so order it as early as you can!

SnapShot Photo Art 📸

Yes, you don’t need to wait for February to express your love for your special someone. You can do that during the Holiday season too. This is the perfect present for that person you are really close with. Start gathering the photos you’ve collected over the year and make them into a unique collage that would make your friends or family smile. 💕

All-In Power Bank

Who doesn’t bring their phone with them anywhere? 🤙🏻 The possibility of meeting one is small these days, thus, an all-in power bank should be the most appropriate gift. 🎁 It’s convenient to grab a device like this in the market that is compatible for all kinds of phones because of its different plugs. 

Customized Leather Journal

A custom notebook ✍🏻 may seem too simple but in Smiling Socks, we believe that happiness is in the little things. This is the best gift for a person you know that loves to write. It’s also an opportunity to encourage your loved ones to be introspective and maintain a journal!

Handwritten Bracelet

If you have more time to prepare, a handwritten bracelet 💎 should be a unique gift idea too! You can scribble a message and transform your handwriting into a silver, rose, or gold bracelet. A personalized note will be heartwarming for sure!

On a budget? Christmas gift ideas under € 50

We understand that during Christmas, your gifting list could go long. But at the end of the day, it’s still the thought that counts,💖 and so you don’t have to lose a fortune in making someone feel special during the holiday season. Thus, if you are on a budget, here’s a list of gift ideas under € 50:


Apple’s AirTag are the best for that someone who always misses their keys or bags. This water-resistant tracker is for that techy-friend who could use a constant reminder! 🍎


Physical fitness is important during the pandemic and this gift under € 50 will surely perform its purpose! This bracelet usually fits on the wrists and ankles and it's typically one to two pounds heavy. Bangles are stylish, but they could be a gentle encouragement for someone to workout, or stay active👌


Skincare Set

Your budget should also be enough for a skincare set that would complete a person’s regime🌸 The common inclusions of a set are exfoliating lotion, facial soap, and a moisturizing gel. This three-step self-care would be a subtle message that you care for the person! 

More Christmas gift ideas under € 20

Scented candle.   No one can ever go wrong with a scented candle, and it shouldn’t be a struggle finding this kind of gift, be it online or offline. This is like wishing someone for a good night’s sleep, so include it in your present list!

Hand salve. The past year has nothing but drying to the skin. Hence, making this a part of your present should be a good idea. This can be useful in fighting off the winter ❄️ and moisturizing the hands. It’s a gift that everyone would appreciate for its intention.

Mini diffuser. The pandemic has turned everyone’s 🏠 into a workplace with their office desks busy with work each time. If you know someone who has been like that since the madness starts, a mini diffuser would surely bring a touch to their table. Find a calming scent and you’d surely get one in this budget. 🍃


The real essence of gift giving

Gift-giving in the holiday season will always be a part of the occasion. It’s a way to show thoughtfulness, affection, and love💌  It is when you think about the receiver, and value how they’ll feel. So, when coming up with an idea, it still boils down to how well you know the person. Size shouldn’t matter. It’s all about the experience that you’re creating. 

The holiday season will never be complete without cute and funny socks, so include them in your gift list! You can choose different colours or sizes that suit the personality of your recipient and create your own pack (for real, yes!). Smiling Socks has a wide array of selections you can pick from. Grab a pair of trendy high socks or a more classic Smiling Socks 10-pack and spread a 😊 this Christmas!


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