Back to school: best tips to organize the kids’ closets

organize your kid's closet

As your kids go back to school, starting off may mean clearing out their closets so you wouldn’t have to stumble upon chaos when you’re looking for their garments and things for school.

Since we are transitioning from a longer-than-usual period when kids stayed in the house, there will be many adjustments coming our way, especially because of the Covid-19 restrictions. The carefree feelings of the summer are over. Establishing a routine for school is the next thing to do!

A successful school year begins with an organized closet. You might have a ton of catching up to do since your child has been at home for almost a year, but it’s possible. Here are our tips to organize the kids' wardrobe in the best way!

How to organize the kids wardrobe

Even Marie Kondo believes that we should deal with our clothes first when it comes to tidying. Hence, if you want to put your kid’s activities and belongings into a structure, their clothes should be your point of origin. But how?

Remember, happiness is in the little things. Once you’ve accomplished the steps below, you and your kids will surely cheer up all year long! You can even ask the little ones to help you and reward them with a surprise back-to-school gift afterwards!

How to organize the kids clothes for school
how to organize the kids closet

Step 1: tidy up before doing the laundry

It’s simpler to organize your child’s rack when you remove some of their clothes. However, wait to complete at least half of your laundry day basket before diving into decluttering. Deal with the clean clothes and put them back where they belong. Doing this would allow you to get a view of your kid’s entire wardrobe. 

Step 2: sort and decide what you’ll let go and what you'll keep

You have surely forgotten that your kid has outgrown some of his or her clothes. And these unused clothes could turn into a pile if you don’t give them attention. So, sort, decide and reduce. With the ones you already decided to keep, you can even have your kids choose their favorites.

Step 3: clean from top to bottom

When it comes to cleaning the closet of your child, it would help to have a structure. Starting from the top means getting the hard-to-reach items right away so you don’t have to worry about them later. If you start cleaning from the bottom, it’s prone to collecting dust again when you work your way up.

Step 4. Consider folding clothes more than hanging them

Marie Kondo suggests many of our clothing - including kids’ clothes - are best kept when folded in a dresser. You can do this with your kids’ pants and tops and see how it looks much more organized than when they are in hangers. You can still keep a few special clothing items hanging, especially the ones that are more difficult to fold like asymmetrical skirts or sunday dresses.

Step 5. Make room for storage bins

When there are kids at home, you can expect toys, shoes, stuffed animals and collectibles. Kids are naturally drawn to these stuff so it would be smart to have separate containers for categories of items that work for your household. You can label them as well with fun stickers and place them in accessible areas in the closet, without getting in the way of the most commonly used clothes.

Organized closets make for a happy family!

Don’t wait ‘til last minute before you organize your kids’ closet. Planning early before school starts will lessen, even remove, any unnecessary stress. Once your kids’ things are in order, you will also be able to think about what might be missing, so you can buy them if your budget permits.

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